Your guide to new crystals

Crystal Grid

Your guide to new crystals

Crystal grid

New Crystals: Cleansing – Energizing – Programming

Why get crystals? Sometimes they come as a gift, other times they just appear with no apparent reason in our lives, but most times we buy them either because they look beautiful or we have a specific purpose.

The different uses for crystals are healing, magnifying intentions, meditation, protection, as part of spells or grids. But it is not only the shape (grid, elixir, decorative) what determines the one to get, it is the intention behind it. For example, if I want to improve relationships I will get rose quartz if I’m trying to heal I might get either amethyst or a more targeted crystal if I am aware of its existence. For protection a onix does the trick…etc

Ps: be careful when making elixirs, some crystals are poisonous.

In any case, there are certain steps that we must perform when the rocks come into our lives; cleansing, energizing, and programming. Without them, the intended effect might not materialize or it will not be as effective as it could. So, don’t skip them!!!!

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When you first obtain crystals or have been using them for some time, or even if they have been left sitting around somewhere, they will have absorbed a range of different energies that they will have been exposed to by yourself and others who may have handled them and transferred various energies and emotions into them.

Therefore, it’s important to ‘cleanse’ your crystals as soon as you obtain them, and on a regular basis (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on use) however, you may have been given a crystal as a gift from someone who may have programmed it especially for you with specific energies. In this case, the stone may not need this initial cleansing.

This cleansing process isn’t a ‘physical’ cleaning with soap and water but intended to cleanse the stone of its stored energies, both good and bad. Crystals used specifically for healing should be cleaned before and after use.


1-Salt methods: Salt Water, Dry Salt, non-contact Salt

2-Rice: Dry Rice


4-Visualization (white light)


6-Singing Bowls

7-Bury them in the garden

8-Quartz or amethyst cluster/geode


Once your crystal has been cleansed you will need to energize it again so that it can continue to release its own natural vibrations and energies…


1-Running water





The purpose of programming a stone is to focus its energy on something you specifically want or need, thereby magnifying its intent through your own. Once a stone has been programmed, it will continually emit that intention until it is cleared or reprogrammed. A stone can hold several intentions, up to four or five, as long as they are compatible

More to come, in the meantime enjoy.



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