You know enough!!


You know enough!!

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I see around me a lot of powerful gorgeous women that have so much knowledge and hidden talents….I wondered why aren’t they sharing these with the world. They could be making a substantial difference not only in other people’s lives but also in theirs.

So why don’t they make their skills public? Sadly it is an easy response, they think they are not good enough. They are convinced they don’t know enough, they aren’t able to conduct business with what they know, and afraid of being judged or even worse fail. These feelings and limiting beliefs are rooted in insecurities related to not having all the answers and comparing ourselves to others.

We see other people that we perceive as “successful” at what they do and we are really fast as comparing ourselves to them without considering that they were brand new newbies at some point with the same fears but still pushed forward. We don’t remember that they don’t have all the answers all the time and they will never have them (just like us!). We see their current image of savvy, wise people, but we don’t see their internal processes and how much courage it takes from them to wake up every morning and face the unknown. Because believe me, if there are 2 true statements that apply to experienced and experienced people equally are following; first, no one has all the answers. Second, every day brings a new variable, problem, issue that we haven’t faced before.

We are not doing anyone any favors by hiding our skills and talents. Here comes a couple of illuminating facts, are you ready?

  • If we don’t practice our skills, we will never horn them. Study without field experience is just concepts not benefiting anyone
  • Generally speaking, people don’t really care about what we do, it is just our own imagination and the inner critical voice telling us they will. Truth is, we think we generate more attention than we actually do.
  • There is a lot of space in this universe to slowly ramp up our talents. We don’t need to go all out and try to be Oprah on day 1. Give yourself time and build it slowly, that way you can build your confidence as it goes.
  • Practicing what you learned will give your life a sense of fulfillment and joy.

I should take my own advice once in a while and as you know I don’t talk about things I don’t try. So remember we are all on the same journey. If you need support just write to me, but don’t hide behind your insecurities forever. There is no right time to start sharing your knowledge, there is no such thing as an expert who was never a beginner. And there is a reason why the “practice makes perfect” phrase exists.

I truly believe that once upon a time someone gave the opportunity to the people you admire to start sharing their knowledge, therefore you will be given that chance and I hope you pay it forward providing a safe environment when the time comes for the next person that needs to start their path.



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