Think of ME Spell

Think of me spell

Think of ME Spell

Think of me spell

This is spell works brilliantly as a framework to send the right energy to the universe to make someone else aware of you.

  • 1 Unit Red or Pink Tea light Candle ((Pink or white as replacements))
  • 10 Drops Rose essential oil
  • 1 Piece Rose quartz ((optional and the size does not matter))

Before you start!

  1. Prepare a space where you can work free of distractions and comfortable. remember it is all about calling to the right energy vibration. Make it romantic or friendly and bring forward things that remind you of him/her.~ Music~ Spray some rose water. Burn some rose essential oil in a diffuser.~ Set up your candles and crystals around you

Lets Start:

  1. Start by relaxing your body and mind. Picture the person you want to call out to. Their smells, their eyes, attitude towards life, physically, very importantly how that persona makes you feel. The more detail you can visualize the better.

  2. Put both of your hands on top of the heart chakra and chant 3 times;

    “With love, I call you (name of the desired one)

    And I whisper to you I love you.

    Following the love that reaches you(name of the desired one)

    that love will lead you to me.

    Silently and gently,

    Let my person cross your mind..”

  3. Now you can light the candle and say this formula:

    “Think of me day and night, (name of the desired one)If it does not harm anyone so be it..”

To finish;

  1. Think about the person you are doing this for. Let go of the expectations on how it is supposed to work out and the timing. Let it surprise you. The key is that you put the right intention and vibration to the universe to work with.

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