The Moon and You: A Quick Phase Guide

The Moon and You: A Quick Phase Guide

The Moon Phases

The Moon has always been a special symbol for me. It is always there in a subtle way. It plays with being coy and being magnetic at the same time, a magical balance. As Earth’s only natural permanent satellite, it’s 29.5-day cycle mirrors the rhythm of our life while it’s innate power and female energy can be activated. As it transforms, so can we. It has been stated that it takes an average of 3 lunar cycles to completely manifest our goals. Here’s a quick guide to work with this majestic celestial body.

Moon Phases made EAsy

New Moon: Rebirth

The 1st phase and the 2nd most powerful of the moon cycle. The moon appears to be non-existent since it is not illuminated due to being in the same longitude as the sun ( both are on the same zodiac sign of constellation in the sky). As a new beginning, this stage is where we start with a clean slate by getting rid of excess junk and unwanted thoughts. As brainstorming occurs, we set intentions and gather our thoughts and plans. We should focus on regaining strength and are advised to steer clear of people who drain our energy. Symbolically, this stage is to be considered as planting a seed in your life and germinating of goals in the hopes of seeing it flourish in the future. Writing down our intentions is a good way to start our cycle. 

Waxing (Crescent):  Set Intention
As a waxing moon, which simply means increasing in illumination, we are to send or reveal our hopes and desires into the world. Our willpower is developed as to lay the groundwork for projects.  This stage is to be considered as the seed/plant contending with its surroundings and sprouting; symbolizing an increase in energy and strength in our life. It is a good time to sign contracts, make big purchases, meet new people to start something new. 
1st Quarter: Action
Steadfastness is essential at this stage. As the moon looks half dark and half illuminated, we are to focus on decision making and pushing onward. At this stage, we can compare to a plant rooting itself as it symbolizes determination, focus and pushing onward inspire fears. Turn any anxiety into creative energy. 
xing Gibbous (Convex): Analysis 
The moon is more than half illuminated. Momentum is building as we approach our goal. We should refine and possibly come to the realization of a possible change of plans, approach or direction. At this stage, the plant begins to form buds. 
Full: Release
100% illuminated, the sun and moon are on opposite sides of Earth and opposite zodiac signs. It is the most profound and energetic phase of the moon. We are ready to harvest our intentions and goals as we consider this stage to be the blossoming flower. New opportunities arise as a result of our hard work; all the while we start to look inward to complete the next stages.  
Waning Gibbous: Gratitude
Meaning “decreasing illumination”, this introspective stage leads us to turn inward and be thankful for giving back to others. At this phase, many are filled with love and may turn to spending on others as ways to “pass it on”. This could be considered as the disseminating stage as the plant culminates by bearing fruit and completing its life cycle  
3rd (last) Quarter: Cleanse
The opposite (mirror image) to the 1st quarter. It is a great time to clean out homes and relationship as well as unnecessary emotional and physical clutter to help us to release and let go of harmful habits and old grudges. Symbolically, we can imagine a plant dying back into the ground and the fruit’s seeds are prepared. Not suggested to start anything new, but a good time to seed our garden or get a fun haircut. 
Waning Crescent: Surrender
Not quite resetting at this stage, we are just to rest and recover as we prepare to face a new cycle. At this phase, the seed to mature so it is optimal for planting in the new moon. 
Next time you look at the sky remember what the moon phases are inviting you to reflect upon and take advantage of the opportunity.
    By Jenny
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