The learning curve or curve your learning?

The learning curve or curve your learning?

Learning Curve

This is not a scientific post! This is just an honest from the heart sharing on my first 4 days or maybe the most difficult learning experience as of today for me.

I have always believed and I still do, that I can learn anything and everything I put my mind into. But oh my…. there are some things that are harder than others.

My friends, I started an intensive class in German (A1/1). I already speak a few languages, some better than others, and German is a totally different ballpark. Spanish and French have Latin roots, therefore they “kind” of relate and provided me with a sense of comfort. English and German share some similar-sounding words, but the grammar is so far apart that it nullifies any feeling of similarity. Sometimes we just get ourselves into situations so far out of our comfort zone that we can only “pray” the learning curve theory is correct and eventually everything will come together and we will have an ‘AHA’ moment.

When we stray away from our usual landscape of knowledge we experience something called a “steep learning curve”. This means we have to put a huge amount of effort at the beginning of the intake of information and it is “perceived” as slow of the learning process due to the complexity of the topic, but the reward is experiencing rapid progress when we reach the “steep” section of the curve by most likely experiencing and “Eureka” moment.

We could say it is a trade-off, big growing pains at the kickstart in exchange for a huge reward; having the missing piece of the puzzle accommodate itself faster vs. studying a subject already within our field of expertise, where the “new” elements acquired during the training provide only marginal improvements to our overall knowledge causing the learning curve to be slow and almost flat.

My point being, don’t feel disheartened by how hard acquiring new knowledge is, don’t feel frustrated if at first you just “don’t understand”. It is all part of the process, it requires work, perseverance, and trusting that eventually, it will all “click”. 

We need to be willing to get out of our plateau and risk growing pains to evolve. There is not such a thing as easy personal development. If someone promises that you will become a smarter, funnier, prettier, happier, kinder…version of yourself without doing the work run away. 



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