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Job interviews

Spell for successful job interview

Would you like a little extra confidence on your upcoming dream job interview? Try this small spell and make it happen. If you got the interview phase it is because you have the qualifications, skills and talents, now all you need is to

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spring equinox

My favorite law of attraction quotes

This are a few of the most inspiring law of attraction quotes. They are all about making your dreams come true. They are not your typical quotes, they are curated to give you a few new ideas on how to see luck, prosperity,

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Prosperity and Luck spell

There is no luck without inspired action. Just seating and waiting will not make things happen. What luck is about is attracting new opportunities into your life, but it is up to you to grab them and make them work for you.  As

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Abundance and Greed

Abundance and greed, easily confused especially in times of need. They are two widely different ways of seeing life and will bring the opposite energies and outcomes. Like attracts like. What do you want in your life?

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Money garden

Gardening Wealth Spell

If you have an affinity for gardening and want to bring some wealth and abundance to your life, this is the spell for you. It does not matter if you want to plant a few pots or a big garden, it speaks to the growing phase in life.

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Abundance Spell

Abundance Manifesting Spell

Abundance is more than just wealth, it is defined as an excess (or more than ok) purposeful and plentiful life. Financial abundance is just one aspect, of course we if don’t have to worry about it, it is easier to focus on the

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12 universal laws

12 Universal Laws for Manifesting

There are 12 universal laws we can all work with to shape our life and the environment around us with more ease than just banging our heads with the wall again and again.
People have reported that the more acquainted they are with them and tools to reach them, the more confident, relaxed, and happy they feel. That they can manifest whatever it is they need with more ease and less anxiety.

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Charm for quality love

Some people seem to jump from one relationship to the next. They have no trouble finding dates, but the special person eludes them. If you are one of this sex god/goddesses that has a piece of its heart missing, try the creating the

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