Spiritual Teachers: Who are they and how to find them


Spiritual Teachers: Who are they and how to find them


Over the next few weeks, we will be talking about Spirit Guides. I wanted to start by giving a brief definition and clarify the difference with another very important role in our personal journey, the Spiritual Teacher.

In general, a teacher or mentor is a person who guides, instructs, or helps another in the process of gaining knowledge, understanding, or skills. The Spiritual teacher role, in particular, is trickier than the Spirit Guide, which is pretty straightforward. ( you are probably thinking I’m going crazy if spiritual teachers are more difficult to define than Spirit guides, worst of all you are probably be correct – :))

I’ll give it my best shot

Spiritual Teacher  (gurus, lama, Kenpo..ect)

He/she can lead us to our own inner wisdom and insight to become a teacher and in the end, even a”Buddha” ourselves. In that sense, a guru is like our spiritual mother; in the beginning of the path, we are pretty helpless and need much help and guidance; but in the end, we should be able to stand on our own feet and be self-sufficient. The best teachers respect your free will and do not try to dominate or oppress you. 

A guru is a person who can really show you the true nature of your mind and who knows the perfect remedies for your psychological problems. Someone who doesn’t know his own mind can never know others’ minds and therefore cannot be a guru.”
~ Lama Thubten Yeshe

Before you decide to follow a spiritual teacher, it is extremely important to check him or her: there are quite a number of cheats around… Let share my tips.

Tips to ID a real Teacher

Seeing Auras can be a huge advantage when looking for a teacher. A solid teacher has yellow/gold halo (aura) around his/her head, if they do not, you are much better to advance spiritually on your own. Great teachers such as Moses, Buddha and Christ had Auras around their heads extending to their shoulders

The gold aura is a state of enlightenment that must be achieved, not something granted to them at the point of creation. They have worked very hard to earn their auras and inner peace. The driving force in the universe for them is love. If you find one you will be very very lucky!

Trust your intuition, if something feels off, most likely is off. Maybe is not the right person at that particular point in time, maybe you need to be guided through a topic that is not within their realm of specialty…You can have multiple spiritual teachers, you don’t need to feel obligated to stay with one for eternity. They shall come and go, as demanded by your interior needs and areas you want to work on. Not everyone can teach everything….so don’t be shy or feel guilty about it. I have encountered great meditation teachers, great yoga teachers, great healers…etc.. and I learned from all one at a time or at the same time.

Use critical thinking when doing your research. I mean, we all start looking in the internet (Facebook, IG, YouTube), and some amazing people are out there showing themselves and sharing their knowledge, but predators of innocence and good will are also available. A teacher will never scare you by saying things like “what you are doing attacks the devil unless you do it my way” or “my way is the only way” or will take your inner power away in anyway. They don’t feed fear, they don’t isolate, they should be positive, HUMBLE and kind. When I read words in a person profile that starts with “sense XXXX” I run away immediately.

There are more ways to point them out, but 3 tips is a good place to start. Remember, they might not be what you expect, because what you need to learn might not be what you think. The universe will probably generate the time and space for a fantastic encounter to happen and most likely it is going to feel like a revelation “that is my teacher”



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