Spirit guides, how to connect with them

Energy Angel

Spirit guides, how to connect with them

Energy angel

We already talked about spiritual teachers and now is the time to tackle spirit guides. I personally love this topic and there is a never-ending well of knowledge around it. There are controversies and huge differences between those who believe it is disrespectful towards the spirits to even consider that they can be designated to “guide” and “protect” humans as their only and eternal mission, there are others who believe that is absolutely true that spirit guides are waiting to be called in and the final group to which I pertain is somewhere in the middle. I agree with the philosophy that the spirits help, guide, advice, bring wisdom, perspective, inspire, protect..etc. when requested, but it is not their “mission” unless they chose to accept it.

Western spiritualism explains that there are two types of guides, those who have never been incarnated and those who had the human experience. Remember that either way, even when we perceive them as physical entities; angels, female, male, animals..etc., they are 100% energy and our consciousness gives them a shape we can understand and identify with.

They have no personal agenda and if you call upon them for help they will respond in many different ways. The response might be almost automatic or it can take some time, depending on what you need help with and the universe’s timing to grant it. Don’t be impatient and if you are not sure if you have been heard you can ask for a quick acknowledgement. For instance, Angels are known for leaving feathers to let you know they are “working on it”

Your Spirit Guides and Angels will never let you down as you build a rapport with them. In the end, they may be the only ones who don’t let you down.” 

― Linda Deir

The response will come will be different from person to person, and even from situation to situation. On the bright side, you can always pre-arrange the answer method. For example, it has been documented of people saying “please always send me e-mails or have a friend call me with the information” and boom! They got in their e-mail an article on the topic they needed. If you don’t feel comfortable being so precise be prepared for anything, It can be a lot of fun to let the spirit guides chose their own way of communication and discovering their “not so hidden” messages. They can send you a “gut” feeling, a random thought, an unexpected opportunity, the right person at the right time, a book might open in a page with the wisdom you seek, a dream, or even your favorite soap opera might be talking about your question. Bottom line, don’t be shy, tell them what you need and let them do their “job”, they are 100% efficient, we are the ones that miss their answers for not trusting our intuition or not being attuned to their energies. If you miss the message don’t worry, Spirit guides are persistent they will bring it up in different times and ways until you get it!

Just Ask

So by now you are probably wondering how the heck do I do to contact them. The simple answer is “just ask” how to ask?

Simple, first open up to the idea of connecting with them, (remember they are not looking for worship or anything, so don’t go that route), find a physical/mental way of expressing sincerely and from the heart what you need, let them work on it by letting go of the worry/anxiety attached to the request. Finally be grateful for the help and blessings received.

Totem pole

One key point in the request, ask and visualize the final goal not the step by step process. You will find that if you micromanage it will take a lot longer or not happen at all. When we try to ask for each tiny detail, we miss the big picture and disregard any options outside the box or that might take us out of our comfort zone, making it more difficult and sometimes even impossible for the spirit guides to help effectively.

Ways of Expressing the request

  1. In prayer or meditation
  2. Journal, automatic writing or write a letter: “dear spirit guides….”
  3. Experience with hypnosis audios (youtube)
  4. Ask out loud, I actually hold conferences while commuting. Im like “ I need these things to be taken care of, can anyone help..”
  5. Create a spirit guide guidance box: write little papers questions or whatever you want help with fold it, put it in the box and detach from the outcome. Aka, forget about it.
  6. Dreaming; ask before going to bed, let yourself relax and wait. Keep a notebook beside your bed in case a special thought pops up or a dream is important and you want to record it.

Spirit Hack: remember that to any of the tools above you can add crystals, forest bathing, energy work (reiki etc..), aromatherapy, relaxation, yoga..etc. a very important and not always mentioned enough key is to be in the highest possible vibration. If you are mentally in a relatively healthy place the connection is easier. Try to avoid being intoxicated, in rage or any other negative feeling before contacting them, they will show up, they always do, but it is just harder. You don’t need to believe in them, they believe in you.

In the next post we will get to know them better. Who are they?



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