Spirit Guides classified

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Spirit Guides classified

In our prior post, we talked about who are spirit guides and how to connect with them. I am very passionate about this subject within the spirit realm because it makes my life easier and more interesting. Qualities I appreciate immensely!

Let’s take a min to recap, the communication with them is telepathic, you need to find a way that resonates better with you (check post) to connect. They are waiting for you to ask for help, they won’t come forward if you don’t request their assistance because you have free will. Invite them in and you will be amazed at how fast and beautiful the experience is.

Today, I wanted to go through the nature of the guides. There is a lot of confusion when it regards to where they come from, who they are, how long do they stay with you, and which their role is. I’ll give it a shot at making a quick summary.

There are several ways to slice the information available about them

  1. Their nature: had a human life vs. intelligence with no terrestrial experience.
  2. Their functions: guardian, professionals, inspirational, gatekeepers,
  3. The timing they remain with you. Your guardian angels (your always have at least 2) and life guides are there for you since birth and will remain by your side for your entire life. The others we will be talking about, come and go depending on your needs, areas of focus, questions, and lessons you need to experience. (they are subject matter experts in a way)

We are going to roll down from the biggest category to the most detailed.

Human incarnation: They lived many former lifetimes, paid all of their karmic debts, and advanced beyond the need to continue reincarnating. They can be highly evolved like ascended masters or simply be experts in one area. For example, if you need help writing a book you might want to ask for specialized help from a writer or inspiration from a poet. Vs. If you are looking for an awakening you might want to ask for an ascended master like Buddha or Jesus for assistance.

    1. Ancestral: They are guides within your family lineage and connected to you by blood, but you might have never met them. It is a myth that it should only be your grandmother/father! If the energy feels like family, it probably is. They are great at helping with your daily life and family.
    2. Ascended Masters: they are very high spiritual beings that have attained enlightenment, they can be found in the sixth dimension. Some of the best known ascended masters are Jesus, Lord Buddha, Mary, Isis, John the Baptist, Saint Theresa of Avila, Hermes, Count St Germaine, El Moria, Djwal Kuhl, Confucius, Melchizedek, Quan Yin, Kuthumi, Zarathustra, Mary Magdalene, Babaji, Merlin, the Prophet Muhammad, White Hawk, and others.

They usually assist with spiritual development, the fulfillment of your life mission, helping you find your purposes. They want to help you in fulfilling your spiritual contract.

  • Expert individuals; generally they have mastered a field and will help you in a “professional” way. For example, if you need the inspiration to write or pass a math exam or even gardening. If you feel close to someone, in particular, you can call them in, but if not, you can always ask “I need help with….please whoever is more appropriate come and assist” they will sort out who is better for the job themselves.
  • Without Human experience: they are intelligent and entities with different levels of evolution and consciousness that exists in different dimensions or planes than ours. Being ours the third dimension.
    • Angels: There are 9 celestial orders of Angels from Christianity and the 72 names of god from the Kabbalah are angelic presences.
      • Guardian angels: We are all assigned 2 when we are born and they stay with us throughout our entire lives to assist. I bet my guardian angels worked double-time more than once keeping me safe and out of trouble.
      • Archangels: They are the highest levels of vibrational energy and rule each of the other angelic realms, aka, they are the boss! Like all 100% energy beings they are not bound to time and they are never to busy to assists or send you the right assistance. Don’t drive yourself crazy about the names and what their specialty area is. If you put your question out there it will be answered.
      • All other Angels: you can call upon them based on your need “dear angels…I need assistance with…”
  • Animals/Totems: Sometimes known as power animals, they come to people who are deeply connected to nature. They have been around indigenous communities for centuries. They offer protection, wisdom, messages, and life guidance. There is a very nice page about them http://www.spiritanimal.info/
    • Celestial beings: there are other energies being in other realms but they are always not 100% trustworthy since they might have their own agenda. This is an area were most knowledgeable people would say be careful.

I hope this is a nice little summary for you! See you later and don’t forget to leave an opinion/question here and in our IG @reiki2go



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