Spell for successful job interview

Job interviews

Spell for successful job interview

Would you like a little extra confidence on your upcoming dream job interview? Try this small spell and make it happen. If you got the interview phase it is because you have the qualifications, skills and talents, now all you need is to pass that tricky interview with flying colors.

Remember, interviews are not only for the company to see you, but for you to decide if you like them as well.

Spell for successful job interview

  • 1 Candle Orange Candle (or gold )
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 stone Lapis Lazuli (or citrine or tiger’s eye)
  • 10 drops frankincense (or cinnamon or lilac)


  1. Go into a space where you won’t be interrupted for the duration of the spell work.

    Make it your own with music and getting the essential oil started. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself .

Start the spell

  1. Visualize the interview place, the person with a big smile and picture yourself giving your best, feeling confident, being successful and having all the honest and right answers.

  2. Anoint the candle with essential oil.

  3. Write in a paper 3-5 reasons why you are the best person for the job.

  4. Fold the paper into a triangle no bigger than a few inches/centimeters and place it in front of the candle.

  5. Light the candle and say the following words;

    “In perfect place and perfect time

    As I light this candle, the job is mine”

  6. Pass the crystal through the the candle flame in q fluid quick motion and set it on top of the paper.

  7. Leave the candle to burn (safely) and bring the papa et to the interview.

  8. Once you land the job tear the paper in small pieces and recycle it.

Remember to be thankful for the new job and give yourself a big hug

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