Social media and critical thinking

Social media and critical thinking

I feel that I need to get this off my chest because to say it annoys me is totally an understatement.

I don’t like or stand when people promotes shamelessly fears or hopes to sell a product, service or self promoting. These “sales” people can and do take advantage of weaknesses because we allow it.

The story;

Yesterday I was on one of the Facebook reiki groups I’m part of and I read the following post that went something like “my friend doesn’t want to get reiki because she said it invites things you don’t want (meaning demons and things of the sort”

The comments below were mostly what you expect; ” probably the way reiki was explained to her was not clear, everyone has the right to think what they want…blablabla” all good by me.

But…one dude self proclaimed “sensei” (of what is still to be clarified) responded with very wrong and false information saying “your friend is right, if you lift your right hand during the session you can invite demon possessions …blablabla”

The poor woman writing the original post texts later that day; “now I’m scared”

Let’s stop right there for one minute and think why is she scared and the motivation of the dude to post something so wrong.

The Dude’s motivation:

Pretty straightforward, this guy is not a genius

  • To sell a “right hand path” class for $9.99

Why is this woman afraid?

  • She is not doing her minimum research on either the commentator or the subject. It was easy to spot this guys as a scam. (As we say in Spanish a “chanta”)
  • she did not use her god given critical thinking skills

What should we do

  • Be critical of anything and everything you read online. Do your homework , don’t let anyone hand feed you information
  • If anything is to good or to bad, it is a red flag
  • Go to the profile of the commentators to get a feel of the intention behind it

Remember knowledge is power and self empowerment protects you from people that want to take advantage.


if anyone calls themselves sensei, Buddha , savior, grandmaster, yogi…etc the first instinct needs to be to run away and research. Real teachers are humble and get honorary titles from the students, they are not self proclaimed. Be smart!



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