Ritual to connect with spirit guides

Ritual to connect with spirit guides


As you might have guessed I love talking, studying and connecting with spirit guides. Right now I am asking for inspiration to write this post!!! This will be the 4th and last of the spirit guide saga posts for a little bit. What we have already talked about is;

Some of us are not huge fans of “winging it” or going with intuition practices all the time and need a more structured approach. Therefore I am sharing a beautiful ritual that you can perform on its totality or just parts of it. The objectives to make it a full body, mind experience while asking for help, advice, and inspiration that I hope you try out and enjoy. I would love to hear some feedback either in the comment section or by e-mail [email protected]

Spirit guides ritual


  • Crystals: Choose a crystal that aligns with your request/intention and Tanzanite. Tanzanite is special because it helps thinning the veil between different dimensions, allowing for clear communication with the spirit guides, ascended masters, angel and other enlightened beings not usually available to our normal conscious awareness.
  • Candle: white or golden for protection + any other candle associated to your intention/question/request. Example: Pink for love, green for financial abundance.
  • Quiet space and time: as you would do for any meditation. If you can consecrate a space or have a dedicated space it will be smoother & easier for you to visualize, connect with yourself and spirit guides, create magic…etc because it will be cleansed from external, unwanted energy. while holding yours and your intentions.
  • Meditations: You can either pick a guided meditation on youtube or any place you like or just try to slow your mind and focus on dedicating that time to your intention.
  • Intention: Connecting to the spirit guides to help you with “Ask”
  • Notebook or recorder: to take notes of any messages you might receive.


Meditation candle

Once you have gathered all “ingredients”, book 5-20 mins to yourself in your safe space or nature. Seat or lay in your favorite meditation position, with the candle about 3 feet away from you and you can recite the following opening pray to create the safe space 
“I light this white candle in the name of Infinite Spirit and all the protective Guides and Spirits watching over me. Spread the light of this flame all around me, forming a perfect shield of loving protection. Let nothing negative or harmful enter my space.”

Hold your crystals or lay them close to you, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths. Make them deep belly breaths, you can inspire counting to 4, hold for a second or two and aspire counting to 4.

Allow yourself to release any tension that is in your body. Give yourself the opportunity to center and ground. Basically, recognize how you feel, your connection to mother earth and start the meditation of your choice.

Meditation lady
“be open to meeting your guide”

When you feel the presence greet them with joy and thank them for coming. Here you can choose several different approaches depending on how you feel or vibe you are getting. If the spirit guide gives a familiar vibe you can start by asking them who they are, what is their relationship to you, etc..and then continue to express your request or help. At this point, you might get some feedback with any of your senses or thoughts. check in with your self to see if you perceive anything different. This would be a good time to ask the spirit guide how they prefer to be contacted in the future, and if you like you can ask for a quick acknowledgment from the guide that you have been heard and agree on the format the response will have. For example, you could ask them to provide you with messages through books, billboards, numbers, flowers, friends, feathers…

Once all is set and done, you can close the ritual by giving thanks to the guide for showing up, listening and helping you out. “It is all done, Thank you, thank you, thank you”

A few additional items that you might want to add are diffusers with your favorite essence, herbs and plants in accordance with your intention, natural fabric clothing, incense, music, Tibetan Bowls…

I hope this helped and find useful, remember to comment and share.



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