Reiki Usui – Explained my way


Reiki Usui – Explained my way

Reiki Usui 

ReikiWhen talking about Reiki there is so much information out there that there are two ways of approaching the subject. The first one is to do what everyone does and enunciate the best-known definition. The second one is to talk about what Reiki is and what is not and how it fits in the big picture of healing and manifesting.

The purpose of this post is not to go through the Reiki history    in detail and information freely available, but give you some info, tools and my POV as a practitioner to allow you further research. You have to make your own discovery!

Big Picture

We have always suspected that everything is made of energy and quantum physics has come to confirm so. If we are made of energy logic would say that a disruption in our energy will make us feel uncomfortable, manifest as “illnesses” and hardships in general vs. when we are in perfect vibrational balance life will be easier and we will experience wellbeing. Therefore, there is nothing surprising about channeling    energy as a healing tool   . If we are made of energy, of course, we can use it to increase our wellness.

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” – Paracelsus

Reiki is one of the many healing systems roaming the world and medicine wise is considered under the complementary techniques umbrella. I am a master practitioner and love it, but it is not the only, the better or the indispensable one. It is not even closest to being the oldest or fastest acting or most effective. I have found over my years of practice that Reiki it is at its best when combining with other energy therapies. Grab the best of each technique and boom! You get some awesome results.

What is Usui Reiki? Developed in the 1920s by Mikao Usui in Japan, at its center is the idea of the practitioner channeling “universal energy”, “life force” or “Qi” to help the body trigger its own healing capabilities.

The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese kanji, REI “soul, spirit, divine” and Ki “vital energy”. The final kanji means something around “divine vital energy”. This has brought a ton of confusion in terms of practitioners (generally not the most knowledgeable) saying it is a soul healing technique or practice. I want to be clear on this. It is an energy healing technique, there is no religion attached and it is practiced by people from all walks of life. No one needs to abandon their beliefs to try it, on the contrary, having a solid spiritual development (it does not matter which belief system you hold) it can only benefit your Reiki practice.

Philosophically speaking, Mikao Usui was a practicing Buddhist who had the epiphany of the Reiki system after 21 days of meditating, praying and fasting in a cave at Mount Kurama, Japan. He left 5 simple principles that most Reiki practitioners follow, though they are universal and it would be probably a good idea for all human beings to follow.

Just for today

~ I shall let the anger go

~ I will express thanks for my blessings

~ I will work honestly

~ I will be kind and love all living things

~ I will not worry

 Nothing wrong with living one day at a time and trying to be as kind, honest, grateful and loving as possible.

Reiki cannot backfire

First, it can never cause harm. There is no record of having any negative side effects. It is not uncommon that as energy starts cleansing and balancing the clients’ chakras, meridians and auric field amongst others. Blockages and detoxing the body the client might feel like crying or a headache or other…it happened to me. But that is part of letting go and the client will feel better soon enough. It is like stopping coffee intake for a few days, you might feel a little like crap, but it is just your body getting rid of junk.

Second, it is never depleted and the client takes what they need and no more or less. The energy is free to move and go where the person needs it. That means, that the practitioner cannot force it to go one way or the other or manipulate the client in any way. Let me give you a small example. I was giving a session to my mother in law, she wanted to get rid of some neck pain. When we finish the session she is still feeling a little bit of pain in the neck so she goes “well sadly it didn’t work”. Half an hour later she takes her daily blood test for pre-diabetes and she starts celebrating so I asked “what happened?”, and she responds “my blood numbers have never been better, although I eat something I shouldn’t this morning”. The energy went were the body needed it the most and it was obviously not the neck.

The Treatment

Massage - reiki

“Healing is an art, it takes time, it takes practice, it takes love” –

Reiki started as a self-practice and evolved into treating others. It is a very simple process in which and attuned practitioner channels pure energy from the source (aka universe or god) into oneself or a client (paid or unpaid).

The channeling of the energy can be hands-on or distance, both work. So it depends on your preference and how much access you have to a practitioner.

The Benefits

It promotes deep relaxation, which triggers the healing skills of the body and mind. If we look at it from a medical perspective we can call it the “relaxation response” which is exactly the opposite and counteracts the effects of the “fight/flight response” associated with stress.

The benefits of the relaxation response are: helping with chronic pain, stress, muscle tension, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other conditions like high blood pressure.

It also allows for mental clarity and focus which brings us to the resolution of internal conflicts, holds space for our own personal development, stops the external noise and much more.

Benefits of Reiki

There is always more to talk about, but I hope I just peaked your interest and give it a try. Nothing wrong with enjoying a full day of a spa on only 45 mins!!!!! Relaxing and being able to come down to the now and stop the crazy world for a few mins can have a life-changing effect.



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