Reiki Levels Described

3 reiki Levels

Reiki Levels Described

3 reiki Levels

Reiki Learning Levels

As we know anyone can learn and practice Reiki as a matter of fact the more diverse the people that practice energy channeling the better as each person’s believes and life experiences brings new elements to the practice enrichening it.

Reiki classes are broken up in in 3 basic practitioner + 1 master teacher level. Each level is sealed by an energy attunement and the only requirement to move from one level to the next is to fulfill the previous level and of course commit to the learning the one you are working towards. In my experience, unless you have an amazing teacher that has studied and practiced energy healing (not only Reiki) for many years and bring a lot of themselves to the table you will learn more through personal practice than the classwork itself.

The classwork is just a starting point, to peak your curiosity and give you the minimum necessary information to start practicing at that level, usually  these classes are between 1-3 days long, therefore if you think you will be a great “reiki practitioner/master” after the class you will be sadly disappointed. It is only the first step of the journey. Experimenting and sharing your practice with others is what will help you grow, I find that the more I practice the more I enjoy it, as I discover specific things that work for me and let go of the standard systems.

That said…. let’s go into the Reiki levels and their main characteristics.

SHODEN (Level 1)

Shoden means “First Biography” or “First Teachings” it is the beginning of the Journey. Traditionally most of Usui’s students would spend years working on this one phase. Shoden, was all about opening to the energy through receiving many Reiju empowerments (simple connection rituals), it was about cleansing and self-healing. The students were introduced to mindful practices, the reiki affirmations and principles, and develop awareness of the energy through simple exercises.

Nowadays the objective is the same, cleansing, and self-healing but the process is different as we have a first attunement available that speeds up the process. Instead of years the attunement allows us to connect with energy same day! But the detoxing process takes 21 days, therefore there is a commitment that needs to take place from the student’s side to give reiki to themselves every day for this month-long detox.

This first attunement’s purpose is to allow you to channel energy with ease for your and everyone else’s benefit. You can learn to channel energy without the attunement, but the frequency would not be the same as used in Reiki, the flow would not be as strong or consistent and the process to get there would be more laborious. Basically, it is the fast-easy way out to make the channeling energy dream come true.

Q&A: Do you get any symbols to work with? “No, that comes next”

OKUDEN (Leve 2)

This is the level everyone waits for three main reasons; first, students get attuned to the first 3 symbols which they will use mindlessly unless they have a good teacher. Second, they can treat others and become “professional”!!!! Lastly, one of the symbols you learn is the coveted interdimensional long-distance reiki treatment breaking the barriers of time/space.

Wow, these are not three minor details to take in. I bet you can see the benefit and ALL you can accomplish by taking back to back classes and about 200 USD. You can go from nothing to super pro, that can charge for the long healing sessions and even work over karma traumas.

Anyway, getting out of the being mean groove, I know you want to do it the right way, so I’ll explain a little more.

This level you learn how to work with clients and further you own personal healing journey, you will be attuned to the first 3 symbols, learn their meaning, and uses. Furthermore, the basic hand positions and treatment process from which you can then build your freestyle is instructed in this level.

Shinpiden (Leve 3)

The focused of the master level or Reiki 3 is to find the deepest connection to the reiki source energy. It is greatly aimed at awakening the heart and healing with the greatest compassion. This level can be attuned in 2 times, one as personal master and another to be master teacher or as one.

Reiki master teachers are taught how to pass the initiation attunements to students. This will be for all levels and will include all preparations for teaching. Some people say there is an obligation to teach when you receive this attunement but I have checked with very experienced masters and the commitment is to practice and be of service, we are all not meant teach, but we are supposed to live by the Reiki precepts.

I hope this little post helped you understand a little better what is all of this about



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