Protect your energy

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Protect your energy

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I have received a ton of questions over this past month regarding how to protect your energy from;

  1. Other people’s low vibration
  2. Environmental impact
  3. Energy vampires…
  4. Judgment, etc…

with that in mind, I’m posting my energy protection toolbox.

First I always start from a blank energy slate. By this I mean I start by clearing my aura from outside interference and detaching any energy that is not mine. You can do this very simply by

  • Taking a shower and visualizing how the water washes everything away.
  • visualizing a violet flame burning and transmuting any external energy from your aura.
  • Get energy directly from the source, like Reiki or shaman work to clean it

The second step is every morning to close your aura and keep it near your body to allow as little contact with other energies as possible.

Finally set up some protections by visualizing a golden column of light or a blue balloon surrounding you. You can call upon Archangel Michael to shield your energy, add some energetic barriers with Reiki (HSK), close your central meridian from external sources by tracing and locking it. I personally love having with me at all times protective crystals as well as having a few spread out in my office and home. If you keep an energetically cleansed environment you save yourself over half the troubles and work.

Some examples of crystals you can use as jewelry, take in your pockets, handbag..etc are

there are also prayers, mantras, and meditations that are very effective.

I hope this is what you are looking for!!!



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