Prayer : Why to pray?

Prayer : Why to pray?

What is prayer?

PrayerPraying is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship that has been practiced for over 5000 years. The most commonly used synonyms are an invocation, devotion, interception. In the abstract, it is a conscious act that seeks to activate a direct relationship through deliberate communication with an object of worship. 

When looking into different spiritual traditions we find a broad spectrum of devotional acts, which include from highly formalized rituals to totally extemporaneous practices and everything you can imagine in between.  

Prayer Characteristics

  • It can be a form of religious practice
  • It can be individual or communal
  • Where: in public or private
  • A variety of body positions can be used; sitting, standing, kneeling, eyes closed..etc.
  • Prayers may be read from books, recited, improvised…
  • There might be props like incense, music, candles, oils..
  • May use language or thought. If language is used it might take the form of
    • Hymns
    • Incantation
    • Formal creedal statement
    • Others

As you can see, everything goes when it comes to the how, when and where…

The purpose

Prayers can be a form of meditation to gain insight into oneself or connect to a deity or higher self. The purpose of prayers can be petitioning, supplication, thanksgiving or praise. Within those four basic categories we find all sorts of objectives like; confessing transgression, sharing thoughts, requesting guidance,  worshipping, ask for the sake of others or oneself.

Scientific Studies

Research has been conducted to find the relation between prayer and health improvements. Results have been contradictory some indicating slight improvement, other having no effect at all and a few even showing negative effects. So let us call it a stalemate and move on…because a few of the biggest concerns with this studies are the parameters they use for measurement, the understanding of the concept of prayer the patients have and how that affects them, how the prayer themselves were conducted…etc.. we can go on all night

Finalizing With Praying

It is very hard to isolate prayer from specific creeds or religions, but the more you look around the more variety you will be able to find in the practices, therefore, the more universal and detached to a religious practice in particular it becomes. It seems to be linked to the basic soul need in the human beings to express their most inner thoughts, fears, rage, love, needs…etc. to something bigger, more special, powerful outside themselves.

If we go to the bottom of it all, we will find it is composed of insightful reflection, by quieting our monkey mind and focus on whatever we need that day. We are acknowledging ideas, thoughts, dreams, fears or whatever is driving and letting it into the universe, god, the object of worship. So difficult to avoid offending anyone why not naming the “rightful object of worship” you know what I mean.

Love you all!


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