Here find all the 1005 tested tools you need to heal, manifest dreams and grow. We work towards a more holistic life with energy healing, healthy eating, meditation and much more.
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The perfect combo I think is to be able to take a sabbatical every couple of years. I know! You'll call me ridiculous, no one...

Thanks to Jake and Arye from Serenity Ventures for inviting me to their brand new very special podcast. It features leaders in the mindful and wellness...

With a few simple tips, we can take our normal food from being "food" to high vibrating, loving more nutritious, and fulfilling experience....

Share your wisdom, you know enough. We all need to get out and practice what we study, our fears are rooted in not feeling worth...

Give them a go, Mudras take a minimum dedication, they are easy and fast, but don’t work miracles, their benefits remember are always accumulative....

Is laziness always what it looks like? Meaning, just plain tiredness and procrastination or it is an excuse we put to avoid doing something that...