New Friends Spell

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New Friends Spell

Not everyone is so great at taking the fist step at making new friends. Take me as an example! I don’t mind meeting new people, some even think that I am cool, but in truth all of this happens after someone introduces me. If you leave me by myself at a party and I don’t know anyone there, I might stay in a corner all night because I am too shy to introduce myself, but once that first step is done I am a natural at keeping it going. If you are like me, this is for you.

Making New Friends Spell

The best times for this spell are Sunday or a Wednesday, or on a new or full moon

  • 30 cm Golden Thin Ribbon
  • 1 unit Bay leaf ((dry or fresh))
  • 1 unit blank post card (or it can have an inspiring picture/drawing)
  • 1 unit Gold pen
  • 1 unit Clear Adhesive Tape
  • 10 Drops Rose essential oil
  1. Get a nice working space set up, where you won't be disturbed and you feel grounded. Add smells and sounds that remind you of love, safety, and friendship.

    Picture the type of friends you want and take a few deep breaths.

Let's get started

  1. Write a request on your postcard for example

    " Looking for new, fun, trustworthy friends that will love me for who I am"

  2. Stick the bay leaf to the postcard, roll it into a tube (like a secret message) and tie it with the golden ribbon. Make it pretty!

  3. Let the message reach the universe by leaving the scroll on your windowsill for 24 hours and then put it somewhere where you can see it and it accompanies you.

  4. Let the universe do its thing. Remember you always need to help the universe so don't sit down and wait, inspired action is also a must. be a go getter!!

This works really well when moving to a new place, school, or starting a new job.

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