Meditate on This: Flower Of Life Basics

Flower of Life

Meditate on This: Flower Of Life Basics

Flower of life, a little story

Flower of Life

 “Flower power” is a slogan that brings up images of 1960’s, free-spirited, shaggy-haired hippies holding up a peace sign, but turns out that there’s been a much older and sacred type of flower power. The geometrically sacred Flower Of Life (FOL) has been documented as far back as 5,000 years ago in artifacts, medieval art, secular buildings, temples, churches, manuscripts, burial sites and many historical sites.

One of the most popular documentation of this symbol is the sketches drawn by Leonardo da Vinci as he studied the flower of life. This study encompassed and led to the development of spheres, platonic solid, torus and Golden Ratio of Phi.

Other locations that use the symbol are:

  • Kreta, Greece’s Orthodox Monastery
  • Italy’s Maria Luschain Church & Pompei’s ruins
  • India’s Rama Temple in Vijayanagara
  • Dresden’s Altenkirchen’s Apis-Altar
  • Israel synagogues
  • China’s Forbidden City
  • Egypt’s Temple of Osiris in Abydos and pyramids

Sacred geometry

Mandala sacred flower
Sacred Geometry

       The FOL is one of the ancient sacred symbols that represent the blueprint of creation and cycle of life while containing religion’s ancient value of space & time. As a form of sacred geometry, it is a graphic representation of how consciousness materializes into a form with a pattern. The FOL’s hexagonal pattern symbolizes the flowering of life source and expansion of awareness by its center circle replicating itself over and over. The symmetry of the pattern is also very important since it is energetically balancing. 

   With its six fold symmetry, the FOL is made up of multiple and evenly-spaced overlapping circles forming a flower-like pattern. It’s central circle is the origin from which all other circles build and overlap upon or interconnected circles. It’s pattern and symmetry identically reflect notes and half notes in music. it is also identical to the third embryonic division’s cell structure thus reinforcing how the FOL depicts the origin of life. Some other well known figures are derived from it such as the Seed of Life and the Egg of Life. Some other figures originate from it though, such as Metatron’s Cube, the Tree of Life or Fruit of Life. Though the symbol itself appears to be of female energy, it really has both female and male. The female energy is made up of the curves and the male is made up of its points .


Balancing- By using the symbol as a talisman in your home, office, clothing, jewelry, car, cell phone backgrounds, bed sheets, mandalas, can help balance out the surrounding energy. Some wear the symbol to benefit from its positive energy, better communication with the Creator and enthusiasm leading to a decrease in depression, stress and even infertility. You may even place an object on a printed out form of the symbol for a few minutes to balance its energy.

Crystal Grids- Found engraved on a wooden board of printed on cloth, you can use cleansed crystals by placing them on specific points on the symbol. This will help harness a stronger energy towards your intent as you think of that which you would want to manifest.

Meditate on It – Meditate on the image to help find enlightenment and soul expansion. Thinking of the FOL helps you tune into the universal vibrations and leads to relaxation. Many yoga practitioners focus on it as means to help with deep breathing.


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