Manifesting Tools

Find all the tools you need to materialize the life you want!

How to raise your own energy vibration.

  • Alternative Therapies: Reiki, Tai chi ..more
  • Spirit Guides, Angels...
  • Herbs and Crystals

Law of attraction + 11 universal laws that will help you manifest your dreams and make the energy work for you!

Here you will find the techniques on how to use

  • Vision Boards
  • Visualization
  • Journaling
  • The practices of gratitude and forgiveness
  • more...

Working with spells and rituals is a great way of adding some structure to our energy work.

Specially if you don't find as easy to focus or maintain the required energy vibration, this will help. 

Luz DeMeo
Beauty is based on perception and your perception about yourself is what matters. If you need a little confidence booster, give the spell a try.
Luz DeMeo
Abundance and greed, easily confused especially in times of need. They are two widely different ways of seeing life and will bring the opposite energies and outcomes. Like attracts like. What do you want in your life?
Luz DeMeo
If you have an affinity for gardening and want to bring some wealth and abundance to your life, this is the spell for you. It does not matter if you want to plant a few pots or a big garden, it speaks to the growing phase in life.
Luz DeMeo
Abundance is more than just wealth, it is defined as an excess (or more than ok) purposeful and plentiful life. …
Luz DeMeo
There are 12 universal laws we can all work with to shape our life and the environment around us with more ease than just banging our heads with the wall again and again. People have reported that the more acquainted they are with them and tools to reach them, the more confident, relaxed, and happy they feel. That they can manifest whatever it is they need with more ease and less anxiety.
Luz DeMeo
Some people seem to jump from one relationship to the next. They have no trouble finding dates, but the special …