Manifesting the objects of your desire

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Manifesting the objects of your desire


Lately I have been reading more and more about the fascinating topic of reality as an illusion. I did not search for this topic, it actually found me.

It started when I read the book “Buddha” by Deepak Chopra, here it stated over and over that what we perceive as reality is not “real” and that the objective of Buddha is to remove the curtain that our senses, body and mind put in front of us to reach the truth. By the end of the book, more precisely when the “Buddha” emerges from Siddhartha, Deepak describes how the illuminated master sees our “real world” as ghosts, translucent and beyond that he see the energy in each.To make it even more interesting the narrative continues by providing examples on how Buddha can materialize from “thin air” whatever he wishes, material, circumstances..etc

I know that for some materializing objects, people, situations and even changing emotions with just thinking about it sounds pretty crazy, but when you tie this account with the “law of attractions”, “law of affinity” and quantum physics it makes an incredible sense and it is empowering.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 


Energy that vibrates at the same frequency will attract each other, therefore as long as we remain at the level that corresponds to our”manifesting objective” we will be able to make it happen. The following are things we need to remember

  • We are not taking away from anyone else, so don’t fear to dream
  • If we don’t have a healthy relationship with what we want, we won’t be able to be at the necessary energetic level. For example, you don’t want to have any more pimples in your face, but you are afraid of attracting attention in general. If at some level you think the pimples are your protection you won’t be able to get rid of them, your body will just continue to make more. Sorry!
  • You need to picture it as if already happen, with as much or little detail as you want. (the goal, not the process on how to get it).I recommend making lists, vision boards, pictures, meditating on it, reading about it to inform yourself
  • Your conscious and unconscious self-need to agree that it is something you need or want. (aka, you can be your own show stopper and not even know it, back to pimple example)
  • Action!!! If you don’t make an effort it won’t happen. The energy is there ready for you, but it might not present in the way you expect it. It is part of vibrating at the level. For example, if you know exactly the job you want and you picture yourself and know deeply that you deserve it, but don’t make an effort to look for it, let people know that you are looking for it or network, it won’t come true. why? because, if you are not willing to put some work into it, obviously you don’t want it enough, therefore your energy will not match the job’s opportunity energy.

Was that easy enough?????? start dreaming and making dreams come true. Everyone can get there share of happy lives and enjoy this human experience to its max. You just have to want it enough because like attracts like.


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