Love Yourself Spell
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Love Yourself

Love Yourself Spell

Love Yourself

Love Yourself Spell

Recognize and appreciate the how beautiful you are. How much you are worth everything that is good in this Universe.
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Spell: Book of Shadows / Spell
Love: Self-care / Self-love / Self-Steem / Self-worth
Prep: 10 mins
Spell Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 25 mins
Cost: $5


Matches (or Lighter)



Before Beginning

  • Set up your space. Make sure you found a place where you will be uninterrupted for the duration of the spell.
    Bring all the materials that you need and set them up in your chosen spot, it could be a table, the floor (I like working on the floor!) or a little altar if you have.
  • Take a couple of deep breaths and come to the present time. Utilize a few mins to ground yourself and take in not only the environment you created but also to start thinking about why you are doing this. Which is your intention and releasing doubt and anxiety.

Starting the Spell

  • With the pencil carve the intentions into the candles.
    White Candle: Centering, Grounding, and Protection
    Blue Candle: Empowerment, Healing, Emotions
    Orange Candle: Self-Love / Self- Esteem
  • Spread the Sea salt over the candle holder/s and set the carved candles on top. Hold the stone or jewelry in your hands.
  • Take a deep breath, connect with the intentions and when ready repeat out loud:
    "I am a beautiful person,
    I am wanted, desired, and needed.
    Everyone loves me, no one hates me.
    I am one with all creatures
    No one controls me, I am free
    I am full of life and creativity
    I can do all things well
    I am strong and intelligent,
    I am happy to be ME"

Closing the Spell

  • Watch the candles burn and meditate about all the things you do well and why you are a remarkable person. Speak and/or write those things as they cross your mind. Read the empowering words above one more time out loud, to tell the Universe you accept these truths.
    During the following days take the jewelry or crystals with you, put them in your office or somewhere you can see them as a reminder of all that is great about being YOU!
  • Enjoy the feeling. Blessed be!


  • Remember the proposed affiliate links are just for reference. I hope to be saving you time with my research.
  • Candles: I recommend buying unscented and not in super huge bulks. (white being potentially the exception) Quality over quantity, for a simple reason, you will not use 100 blue candles per month and if you start mixing scents your house will stink and through your mind off the game!! buy some essential oils related to the intention you are working on and use a diffuser if you would like a scent during spell time. Be mindful, conscious, and be in control, don't let a silly candle dictate what you smell. What you smell can turn in how you feel and how you feel in what you manifest.
  • The Stone Jewelry is a handmade one piece only link. 🙂
Luz DeMeo
[email protected]
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