Life in transition – catching up

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Life in transition – catching up

ChangeAgain we are going personal, it feels like these days of transition it is all I can do. Go personal and hope you resonate with my venting and does some good in the world. If you didn’t read my prior post about change and transition follow the link, though hopefully, this will be a full story all by itself.

Catching up

Last time we talked I was laying out what I thought was a solid plan to move forward while I am visiting Argentina and make the best of my time. I tackled this trip thinking I “It will not be easy, but I am not formally working so I will bring the world to its knees and spend ALL this available time in the blog, finding a product, spending time with family, reading, taking classes..etc”

I clearly underestimated things that should have been obvious to me,

  • The day has only 24 hours, and I need to sleep at least 6
  • I have a 3-year-old toddler that wants to spend all the time with me the monkey way and it is not always fun because she is having a very hard time during this trip which translates into crying, tantrums and all sorts of charming desperate situations in which I wish the ground would open and drag me down.
  • I only have 2 1/2 – 3 hours available to my self to execute on all my plans and I have to include some family time in that slot. for example, my mom needs to go to the bank…an hour later we are still at the bank an hour that I was hoping to use for blogging purposes..hey I know my mom is more important, but just saying, it is a reality check vs. what I thought this was going to be.
  • Weather is cold, unfriendly and days start late and end early – it is winter, so I’m just bitching here
  • The environment is not helping, I really miss having my own space. Sharing the bedroom with my daughter and sister. Is not conducive to creative bursts. I love my family but their lifestyle it is quite different from the one I have in my own home and it has been so long since I last lived with them that I am having a hard time adapting.

I could go on with 100 other things, but the point behind all this complaining is. that change and transition time is hard!!!! I started all enthusiastically and now I have times in which I see no end. It is a roller coaster of emotions, explosions of work, trying to grab any single opportunity, in my case, it also implies discovering reshaping relationships which takes time and love, but I expect will help me understand my sisters better. 

Right now I have a different perspective of this transition time. It will not necessarily be as productive “professionally” as I expected and I need to stay very focused on “self-care” but it is an investment in understanding family dynamics and my current place within them. I won’t be back down in Argentina for this long (2 months) probably ever, so it would be a wasted opportunity If I want able to change my priorities. Leave the ego aside and move from the “professional me” to the “what my role with them”

TrailsDon’t be surprised if your best laid out plans change, life is that way, sometimes the journey you thought it was ahead of you is not real, just a mirage or your own brain’s construction. You will find other path that is even more blessed than the original one you had in mind. Each trail has its own challenges and opportunities! Don’t stay on the what should have been and grasp what the universe is throwing at you, it is the only way to enjoy life fully. Be open to change, intuition and serendipity, you might be at the edge of greatness.

I Loved catching up with you, see you soon.


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