Life in Transition

Luz y Sophia

Life in Transition

Luz in Buenos AiresMy life is in transition, moving from here to there, from there to here without a solid date on the final destination. I left my job, my house and my prior life behind 2 weeks ago, spent one week in New Jersey with Janet, My mother in law and will spend the next 2 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my lovely family. I will return to the US in August and figure it ours from there.

So the question is, how do I spend these next few months? There are options, there are always options. I can choose to see it as a frozen in time period and do nothing or I can figure out a way to sharpen my skills and build new ones. As always the choice is mine. Of course, the second takes a lot more work than doing nothing. You know, I have to figure out first what I want to do, second; where, when and how much $. Thirds, get my ass from the chair, stop writing about it and actually do it!

I believe I have decided to make something of the time, but as you can tell, I’m in the just writing about it and bitching on how much work I have ahead of me to manifest it.

So…to commit to doing something I decided to make my to-do list public. I am hoping that it will make me more accountable and avoid procrastination. Do you want to talk about procrastination???? I am the princess (not the queen, there are more proficient people at it, but believe me, I’m not bad at all)

I would define it as the feeling of “ I would love to get this done, but there is no rush, now I’m busy doing…let’s leave it for tomorrow” and unless there is a deadline attached, days go by and nothing happens…time is wasted…and when I realize next 5 years have passed and I am still “well maybe tomorrow is the day”

Ok! Back to now and my life in transition “To-Do list”. As my second day in BA, I need to do the following

  1. Sim Card for my phone.
  2. Get a gym or bare the risk of not moving, which brings all kinds of pain, discomfort, and unhappiness
  3. Get a new wallet. Mine is starting to break, Shame on me! I should probably be taken better care of it.
  4. Make some videos for IG on meaningful topics that resonate with me (mmm..def potential for procrastination)
  5. Contact ALL of my friends to let them know I’m here and I would love to see them
  6. Get my daughter into workshops and [email protected] that will make her 3-year-old self, happy, healthy…tired…
  7. Get my hair done. It is a mess, I better go, I haven’t been since I was down here in December
  8. Start looking for potential products and vendors for a new venture
  9. Teach my sister to clean chakras
  10. Cleanse my parent’s workspace and add a layer of protection
  11. Finish the Wiccan book I’m currently reading and maybe *wink wink* play around with some spells.

As you can tell, not everything on the list is “profound”, “deep” or targeted to make a “meaningful” life journey if you like. It also takes up my need to slow down, relax, enjoy my family & friends, take care of myself. It is an opportunity to express self-love and love towards others. Whatever that means to me.

What would you do, if you have this once in a lifetime opportunity to STOP and RE-DESIGN what you are doing?

Love you all,


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