Life in Transition Phase 1 – Checked!

Life in Transition Phase 1 – Checked!

Sophia and I, CT pumpkin patch

Hey everyone! I have been sharing over the past few months how I have been going through some serious life changing events. First things first, a big thanks to everyone for showing up for me, by listening, commenting, giving me ideas and things to think about.

Second, this is not the end of the transition, and sometimes I wonder, do we ever really go into a routine or are we in a constant move? My money is on the second option, although I realize there are different degrees of change. The past 4-5 months have been an extreme example of huge shifts not only physically, mentally and emotionally, but energetically. 

What have we accomplished since June?

Nana & sophia
  • June: We sold our US house, I left my corporate job, my daughter stopped going to daycare. Mid-June we parted to Argentina to visit my family.  Wow! Just thinking about what it really means is overwhelming and I wouldn’t be able to do it again…being displaced, without routine, without our own house, living in different beds, with different people (meaning you know, I haven’t lived with my parents in over 12 years and suddenly I am sharing the bed with my sister)
  • July: I finished the Akashik Records reading attunement and class. Though, I really really need some practice! Mike and I, went to Chile for the first time for a long weekend and had a great time. 
  • August: Begins with my Master Teacher Reiki Training, to which my whole family was subjected in one way or another. So much love!!!! My mom helping me with Sophia so I could actually attend the classes, my sisters, mom, and dad, allowing me to practice with them. We had so many laughs, energy dancing everywhere…I met some great people like my teacher Corina and my pal Maria. I wouldn’t have been the same without them. I need to talk more about my Reiki journey, please remind me to do it sooner rather than later. Mid-August we came back to the states to live with Mike’s mom for a few. I can clearly see how it is not easy to suddenly have a 3 and 37-year-old couple of ladies living in your house, with different ways and not a lot of structure to keep their lives going in any sort of reasonable order. So a special Shout out to Janet, who was more than generous with us.
  • September comes along with a trip to Minnesota where we visited friends and the MN State Fair. This fair is a once in a lifetime experience you shouldn’t miss. (unless you live in MN, in which case you can go every year). If it is not in one of those little booklets “100 things you should see before dying”, added to your bucket list because it is tons of fun, especially for kids. Went back and forth to CT to finish some paperwork, visit friends, have Sophia enjoy a few days in her old daycare. I made my first homemade fresh pasta, and flew to Zurich to reunite the family, aka here we are! That was a really abbreviated version of September, but if I start talking about it I will never end, so let’s leave it at that for now.

What I am looking towards

  • Getting my various practices going again, I haven’t been able to do it in the past months. I will not lie to myself saying ” I couldn’t“, honestly I was probably lazy and thinking “this is so hard”.. the excuse is now gone, I need to get my yoga, reiki, meditation…etc started
  • Put the Zurich apartment in shape! my hubby did a great job, but you know a woman’s touch is a woman’s touch. And it is a way to acclimate to space
  • Investigate Zurich, which should be lots and lots of fun.
  • Get Sophia into daycare in the next few weeks
  • Find a tribe of my own!

What I have learned

I have experienced so much about myself along this journey. Sometimes people have asked me, how do you do it? and my response which resonates as true now as it was in the beginning; “We (humans) do what needs to be done, sometimes the outcome will be better than other, but it shall get done with the best effort”

Therefore, I am not afraid of change, I know me and my family will survive and see the light on the other end, but it is not easy and I learned to be more compassionate. I was taught how much love and kindness mother need, how much respect they deserve, support from the community. To all the people that say “make your child stop screaming in a public seating” I say, [email protected] off, the person that is feeling the worse is the mom, you should be more supportive, because you were a kid and someone tolerated YOU!, you and your kids were not perfect, just because you don’t remember your own shit does not mean it didn’t happen and someone showed you kindness once.

I also learnt, that I cant eat meat anymore, these past months I have been mostly on a veggie diet and felt amazing. I spent now 3 days eating meat and I am already regretting it, through gassing, stomach cramps and other lovely symptoms. 

How much I missed my hubby, being together is like finding a little piece of sanctuary. Not always easy, but it is not supposed to be easy. Love and specially setting up house with someone else requires patience. anyway… duh, we all know that.

I found in my true friends so much companionship, understanding and support. I know my true friends and what they are capable of, I am in owe!!!

So thanks to everyone that walked with me this path,



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  • Elizabeth
    Posted at 12:47h, 25 September Reply

    Wow, Luz! Major changes for you guys. Nice to have the Demeo family intact in Zurich! Looking forward to seeing you do life in Zurich! Sending love from the Soares family to all of you!

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