Laziness as an excuse


Laziness as an excuse


Is laziness always what it looks like? Meaning, just plain tiredness and procrastination or it is an excuse we put to avoid doing something that we are afraid of?

I think that if every time we don’t feel the motivation to do something we try to dig deeper into the reason for it we will probably find the root cause is sheer terror. Terror to fail, to succeed, to try, be held accountable…and so on.

There is a risk and a potential reward tied to waking up each day and start doing things, our mind in a matter of seconds, we don’t even realize what is going on, will evaluate which outcome has the higher probability of occurrence, how much effort would be required, how important it is for us and the impact in the world before making the decision to…go back to sleep or binge watch Game of thrones.

Generally speaking the more value we attach to the result of our effort and the more difficult it is to accomplish the more we will experience “laziness”. It is natural, don’t feel bad about it, most humans have a tendency to risk aversion, the higher the stakes the more we want to hide. I bet that if you don’t care about what happens at the end of a mission, you would go for it, no value equals no problem.

On the other side of the road, we have the laziness complex when we have to do things we hate. God knows I try to postpone taking the trash out as much as I can. I can find like 1000 things to do before taking the trash. It smells, it is dirty… Yuks, but it has to be done. Those are the ones that are “silly” to wait on doing because there is an inevitability to it. Trash has to go out if I don’t want a disgusting living space.

Sometimes it is about getting the ball rolling by forcing yourself and then gravity will take you to the finish line. A great example is this blog post. I sat at my computer whining earlier today “I should write, but what about?, yuks, maybe I should go and shower…maybe I should take the trash out” but got over myself, opened Microsoft Word, and started writing basically about not wanting to write and how much I would rather be in bed for another 30 mins. Now, this post is almost done and it is actually meaningful. LOL.

Other times there is something behind the procrastination that you need to try to identify by asking questions like; is this goal important to me? Why don’t I want to do it? Does it impact someone else? And keep going until you find the right answer and only then you will be able to tackle it. A good way of doing these questions is by writing the answers down, even when they sound ridiculous put your mind in the paper. No one needs to see it (wink wink), you can always burn it later with a white candle and intention of getting over it.

I hope my little sharing resonated with you, I can say it was very liberating for me!



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