Internet is funny


Internet is funny


Internet is a funny thing, it can set your mind straight

What started as research for this post, ended no only in the inspiration for the post, but also taking my head out of my own ass. It made me realize how much I have been enclosing myself in this relatively new universe of wellness, happy and fluffy and strayed away from the world’s day to day.

Why do I say in the title internet is a funny thing? Because the more I investigated the farther away I got from my original hypothesis. There is so much big data out there that can be analyzed by any monkey (like me) that it can either drive you crazy or make you laugh. I chose the second option.

Let me start this tale from the beginning, I was looking for a topic to write about that might be hot and trending in the wellness community, so as any half informed person will do, I went to check “google trends”. If you don’t know google trends and have a blog or want to see what people around the world are thinking about, you should take a look because it has the world wide statistics per word and combination of words trending since 2004. Of course, I just checked 2018, right there the first bucket of cold water came, nothing related to wellness came up in the top charts. Not a single yoga, meditation, organic, healthy eating topic was in the top 50. Not a single internet, TV, international personality was there either. Instead, in the USA I had as the most searched terms “Stormy Daniels, a couple of natural disasters, the bachelor and dogs”. I have to say, rabbits are increasing their presence by trending number 1 during march 2018 under the animals category surprised me very much, there must be some sort of rabbit event happening. This came as a surprise because I am so immersed in this mindful universe right now, that I had forgotten that not everyone is. As a matter of fact data shows that most people are not part, interested or in the least querying about mindfulness.

It is a like anything else in life we tend to see only a small part of the spectrum and have a tunnel vision very partial to our own interests and experience. There is a huge lesson here that I should never to forget, no matter what you do remember to look around you and recognize that our view of the world is limited by the influences around us. That we tend to look for influencers that reinforce our view of the world and the rest of the global community does the same. Therefore, before judging other people’s opinion we should be cognizant of our limitations. I don’t quote the bible often but there is truth in “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

So yes, internet is a funny thing, it can set my head straight. To research  hard core data put my view of the world a slightly straighter than it was before, showed me things that I had been either actively ignoring or not aware, but I should have probably been more informed about. Helped me get a hint of how others might perceive my current view of the world and narrow minded I can be at times due to my own limited POV.  Something that started as a simple post search ended as a huge epiphany moment, with an even bigger lesson or at least reminder. A reminder to be kind, compassionate, show interest in broader things, that I am not in the right path, I am in a path, but that shouldn’t exclude the rest of reality and how people have options on how they see the world.

Love you all


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