Inspiration vs. action


Inspiration vs. action

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There is always the question of what comes first Inspiration or action?

I have been thinking, reading and listening to podcasts about the relationship between inspiration and work. One phrase that changed my mind or at least brought some light into this subject was “the difference between being the founder of a company and a successful entrepreneur is the amount of work they put into the project” The first one has a onetime idea, maybe kicks start it, but does not see the project through, he/she does not have the energy to push and push until it becomes successful, they might even give up after the first rough patch. The second one is a working machine, once they agree to start a project, they never stop working no matter how “inspired” or not they are. They just keep pushing forward! 

In my own experience, most of us are hardly the entrepreneur type, we are always waiting to be motivated, have a groundbreaking idea or an epiphany to start a new project and then we don’t put in the necessary effort to see it bloom. We have the dream but not the energy! The root cause most of the time is that we fall in love with the “idea” of the project or with the “outcome”, but not with the creation process. 

“The works must be conceived with fire in the soul, but executed with clinical coolness” – Joan Miro

The funny thing is that the creative and creation processes are the “now”, therefore the only thing we have. The idea is an abstract concept that does not exist and the outcome is not yet here and might never be, but the work my friends, the work to make the dream a reality is HERE. If we can’t find joy in the daily action-oriented tasks we need to take every day to “make it happen” we will be sadly disappointed and frustrated.

Projects are built with the love we pour into our “to-do” list, the routine and perseverance. It probably does not sound very encouraging, but there is a silver lining here. I have found that once I start going through my not fancy or glamourous work, they start inspiring me and giving me the motivation to continue. why? on one hand, they are normally measurable and give me a certain level of satisfaction when accomplished, reminds me that I am a step closer to the objective.

On the other hand, even though it sounds strange I find a secret motivation on most of them after I start executing, they are the seeds for more creative ideas that will follow up.

Let me give you a real-world example, this morning I started cleaning my Instagram @reiki2go, not a fun task to begin with. I have been following for some reason almost 4k people which I don’t even remember why, so I wanted to clean that up. AKA, having to go person by person and decide if to keep or “unfollow”, very tedious but it has to be done. That one task made me wonder, “when was the last time I reviewed my newsletter audience?”, so I went into Chimpmail and cleaned that list. That triggered the thought when was the last time the newsletter went out? the newsletter goes out every Tuesday if there is a new post, therefore I made me realize I had not written a post in a long time. That finally brought me here to share with you this process of from “dream to task, from task to inspiration”. 

I hope I made the point, to make the dream happen, we must go through the routine and even boring motions of the “to-do” list, but like me today, they can end in a totally super inspiring moment! Don’t give up and most of all tackle that long list of steps you need get done.

“The Secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain


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