Importance of a healthy Energy System


Importance of a healthy Energy System

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Reading this post is a great step towards taking ownership of your energy and manifesting a fulfilling life. To keep your subtle bodies balanced is immensely important to achieve a state of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

When the energy systems are out of balance or blocked in any way it can manifest in your physical body as illnesses, pains, and discomfort. Another typical sign that you need a balancing and clearing session is that life is “hard” and difficult, making things happen just takes sooo much effort…It feels as if we were holding the weight of the world in our shoulders and nothing comes naturally, we never get a break!

The best-known energy systems we work with are chakras, meridian/nadis, and auric field. These 3 systems interact with each other ensuring our wellbeing and completion of our life missions.

  • chakrasChakras: (Sanskrit: चक्र, IAST: cakra, Pali: cakka, lit. wheel, circle) which are 7 centers of energy embedded in our body that spin like whirling wheels. Visually we can find them following our spine and it is important to mention that they are “professionally employed”, meaning each one has a particular job to perform. Each of the 7 chakras manages a certain part of the physical body, interacts and creates psychological constructs that affect our wellbeing (beliefs and feelings) and finally also contributes to our spiritual development by channeling a specific psychic ability. They change subtle energy into physical energy & vice-versa (manifesting) our reality.


  • Meridians/Nadis: Both are comparable, though slightly different as they come from 2 separate cultural traditions. The meridians can be found in traditional Chinese Medicine, while nadis are from the ancient Indian scriptures. They are the equivalent to the highways by which the prana/Qi energy moves within our body. In addition to transmitting Qi, meridians also transmit actual information to and among the Organ Systems. Because meridians respond to and carry stimulation as well as transmit information, they have the ability to bring healing energy to local, as well as distant, parts of the body. There is some great info on them in a write up by Andrea yoga. The main meridians can be traced through all 7 chakras linking both systems intrinsically as well as to the auric field.
  • AuraAuric Field:  It surrounds the whole body, hence why it’s a pivotal part of the human energy system and the key to maintaining physical health and consciousness, as your body will mirror the health of your aura. It is composed of 7 layers or bodies and each one has its own energy frequency. They are interrelated and reflect your feelings, emotions, thinking, and behavior. The 7 layers are the Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Level, Etheric Temple, Celestial Body, and Causal Body. It receives and feeds information and energy to the Meridians and Chakras, as it is composed of prana/Qi/life force energy.

Keeping the Energy systems in harmony and without blockages will lead to a more healthy physical and mental life. No doubt you will be able to experience more synchronicity, you will notice that life becomes easier and more joyful. More opportunities will seem to spur around you, it will feel like your “luck” changed for the better. Your mind will be sharper, focusing will be easier, as well as picking up new mindful habits and materializing jobs, financial abundance, relationships, and developing charisma. More people with good and helpful intentions will start to surround you. You just need to trust your intuition and be open to new possibilities. As always, it is not only about getting the systems working properly but also be on the right mindset to make the best of the opportunity and put in the work to keep it balanced after a balancing session.

Taking the first step of being responsible for your energy system’s health will turn into a more energetically stronger life and business. By the end of the process, you will notice that the people and opportunities entering your life have more light, the potential for success, and fulfillment.



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