Holistic Lifestyle in a nutshell

Holistic Lifestyle chart

Holistic Lifestyle in a nutshell


When we use the word “HOLISTIC” we are trying to convey the idea of looking, studying & analyzing any system as a whole, instead of looking at each individual part. 

When we talk about a “holistic lifestyle” we are saying that we are considering all aspects of our life and trying to understand how they interact with the objective of creating synergies, balancing the different facets and most importantly recognizing & minimizing the hurts we cause to ourselves and the environment with our actions.

Now… when we talk about holistic lifestyle in the context of “wellness”, “New Age”, “Mindful” or “Conscious Living” philosophies, we start including additional ingredients to the “definition above” along the lines of; organic, sustainable, healthy eating, mindful fitness, meditation, soul-nourishing, alternative medicine, energy work, manifestation, higher vibes…etc..and much more, most of us with the end goal of moving towards a more natural, “back to basics”, kinder and compassionate life.

Let us go into some examples of “holistic Lifestyle” with a few practical, easy things we can implement right away. Personally not a purist, meaning, I am not 100% “holistic” and I am not bothered by it. I firmly believe in trying different things and grab what works for me and my family. If a practice is too hard to sustain or I don’t see a benefit I drop it and end of story. No guilt, no judgment. For example, I would love to have an “all organic” household but my budget does not allow it most of the time.what do I do? I try my best to get the healthier option within my budget and not think about it twice. I am too old for silly guilt trips.

Ok, Back to the topic at hand, examples & ideas to try:

  • Eat Clean Foods:

It is making the decision to regularly eat healthful portions of foods that are whole and fresh instead of packaged and processed. Eating this way gives the body the nutrients and micronutrients it needs to feel energetic, nourished, and healthy. In general, it includes a greater proportion of raw fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts & seeds than, meats, processed sugars & Salt, additives..etc..You get the idea.

  • Let yourself Grow

The day to day activities can be overwhelming and the need to strive to a certain standard of “perfection” to achieve success excruciating, because it is not necessarily what our soul considers success or perfection. Most times, it is an expectation created by the outside. So in this postulate the only thing that we look for, is to be able to stop, contemplate, learn who we are and what path we need to follow to accomplish it. (More to come about this complex subject in future posts)

– Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.–Steve Jobs

  • Connect with other people

Humans are social beings that need to generate genuine connections with others and the world surrounding them to feel complete, happy and fulfilled. It boosts creativity, innovation, creates opportunities for collaboration, exchange of knowledge and prevents us from feeling lonely, sad, stressed.

  • Be Active: To stay in good health you need to take care of your body, mind, and soul. Moving not only helps you stay Fit but also navigate through difficult though emotional situations. Have you ever heard “get out of your mind and into your body” when you are feeling terribly sad, stressed or anxious? The idea behind it is to help the body move from the “fight or flight” mode which creates panic and all sorts of negative responses and help you trigger the “relaxation response” which kick-starts the body and mental ability to heal. In a few words what it does is shuts down your thoughts, which are usually the guilty party on the way you are acting/feeling right now, by making your body busy.
  • Meditate: contemplate, just take the time to quiet your mind for a little while, 3-30 mins a day, make a huge difference. So many benefits that I will make a series of postings on this one. Long story short; bring yourself to the present, stop thinking about the future or the past. One cannot be changed and the other is not here yet, so why worry about them? While you waste time with past & future, life is passing right in front of your eyes. Stop thinking about the high school sweetheart you never got to say “I love you” and focus on that amazing person across the bar, who is right there, right now. **wink, wink**
  • Be Kind to every living thing (Including you): This is part of all major religions, philosophies, and lifestyles. Kindness and compassion are not as easy as they sound. It takes hard work and zipping our ego to perform really selfless actions. The hardest type of kindness is loving yourself and accepting others. I have noticed, that contrary to what most people believe, the “honest kindness” that requires the most work is the one directed to those closest to you. Not lashing out to on our best friends, partners and family when we don’t understand where they come from, they think differently, we are grumpy or they are being “annoying” is a lot harder than being patient with a stranger.

I hope to see you in the next posts! this is just the beginning and would Love to know your thoughts,


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