Grey weather, grey thoughts?

Sad woman under the rain

Grey weather, grey thoughts?

Sad woman under the rain

I am convinced (and psychology supports me) that the weather has a huge impact on how we perceive our day, situation, and selves.

When the day is like today, grey and rainy, I try to give myself some extra love because I know that my framework for everything is going to be tainted by the sadness I feel when I don’t see the sun.

I usually look out the window after I start giving myself a hard time or feel very demotivated. The objective is to fact check if my feelings are mine and I should seat with them or they are enhanced by a dark outside environment, therefore I tackle them differently.

What do I do?

Get out of the groove, force yourself to change the environment that surrounds you, and go into activities that make you happy or increase your vitality.

  1. Turn lights on. Research shows that an adequate amount of light improves mood and energy levels.
  2. Exercise to promote the generation of endorphins and trigger a happy head-space.
  3. Do something that makes you happy, watch a movie, make a craft, play a game..etc
  4. Connect with others. We tend to isolate ourselves and relish in our misery waiting for it to pass, while the truth is said what we need is the opposite. Call a friend, go out and seek people, pet your pet!

Don’t give up on your day! Don’t assume that if you are down it is all on you, look around you it might actually be something external like the weather being the root cause or at least amplifying all those negative thoughts. You have a choice to empower yourself and make a difference in your life.



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