Gardening Wealth Spell

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Gardening Wealth Spell

As you know (you check my IG @reiki2go) I love gardening! No matter where I live I found a way to grow some herbs, tomatoes and other simple things. So every time I come across the opportunity tow work in nature with energy is a double win of sorts.

Gardening Abundance

If you have an affinity for gardening and want to bring some wealth and abundance to your life, this is the spell for you. It does not matter if you want to plant a few pots or a big garden, it speaks to the growing phase in life. As ab additional bonus I personally find it very grounding and peaceful.

  • 1 Unit Jade Plant (It is a succulent, so easy to upkeep)
  • 1 Unit Rubber Plant (Indoor plant)
  • 1 Unit Snake Plant (Indoor)
  • 1 Unit Any seeds or plants that bring you a plentifull feeling

Before starting

  1. This energy work is most effective if done on the seeds or plants before planting/transplanting.

    The seeds can be done all together in the bowl, but if you are working with plants you need to repeat it with each one of them.

The Spell

  1. Hold the bowl/pot in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize your loving energy flowing into the plants/seeds.

  2. When you have a good hold of the love and wealth feeling say the following;

    "Force of life that flows through all

    hear now this gardener's call.

    These living seeds/plants I hereby nourish

    with the energy, they need to flourish"

  3. Now plant the seeds and watch them grow.

For the bowl, I like using a red one, because it is the color of luck, abundance, and wealth. Other related energy colors are green and gold.

The plants I am proposing are just examples. I have researched them and they are all traditionally related to wealth, luck, and prosperity. but honestly plant whatever makes you happy and YOU associate with your intention.

This is not the fastest spell as it grows with your garden, but it is one of the most gratifying to me.

Please let me know how it goes!



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