Entitlement vs. Manifesting

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Entitlement vs. Manifesting

Do you feel entitled?

entitledI have noticed in the past few years that an increasing number of people feel “entitled” to having what they consider (in their imagination) they deserve out of life. It is true that the universe has enough energy for us to manifest anything and everything we need to make our “dream life” happen. But this two are different by nature.

The phenomenon of Entitlement happens from a place of emptiness, need, greed, jealousy, revenge, unfairness…all basically negative energies and ego-centered. While putting out to the world an intention and utilizing the universe energy to making it happen comes from a high vibration, abundance place. Basically, exactly the opposite.

Entitled people are generally not grateful, they have no ownership & accountability around their action or lack of thereof,  they are demanding…after all “they deserved it all along and it had been denied to them unfairly” they come from a place of lack. They expect to get it through magical thinking, no effort is required or shouldn’t be, and if the effort is involved, the more reason to complain and not enjoy. “it should have been there for them from the beginning…”

It has also been expressed as “she is happy because she has everything she wants” instead of “because she is happy (has higher vibes and probably worked hard), she has everything she wants”

The Law of Karma states;

BuddhaYou are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed (Karma). As your deed (Karma) is, so is your destiny”.

In its simplest form, we could say “negative actions lead to suffering and positive actions beget happiness and joy.”Therefore, if you live your life with a mind, heart, and soul full of love, joy, generosity, respect, ownership of ourselves, gratefulness…there is no place for entitlement for two reasons

  • If our intention is positive, we will act accordingly, generating positive outcomes
  • There is no place for contracting emotions at any given time. Either you laugh or cry, you are mad or not, but they cannot happen simultaneously.

Let’s look into the Eastern version of Karma, the “Law of attraction”; which can be defined as the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. This law uses the power of our mind to materialize into physical reality in our thoughts. Stay… with me..keywords “materialize our thoughts”, get it? Positive = positive, negative = negative. Again, we can see how the universe is willing to give us “exactly” what we ask for. Hence, If we come from a low Vibe place my friends, that is what we get. 

The Law of Attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined and hold in the mind’s eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get to where you want to be.

The words “action and plan” also goes against the concept of “entitlement” because there is no outcome without effort no matter how hard we think we deserve something. How would we appreciate anything if everything was simply handled in a silver platter? How would we appreciate the beauty when most times is the trip rather than the destination that makes the experience worth it and where the learnings happen? What this law proposes is that the universe will provide opportunities for us to grab and work with that will make the journey more enjoyable,fun and smooth. 

Closing up

Vision BoardWe can all manifest everything and anything we dream of as long as we come from a place of love and abundance. The universe is always on your side and as long as you ask nicely with positive thoughts and emotions opportunities will present themselves. There are a lot of techniques to facilitate the process but they all have in common a few key steps.

First, think about it really hard. Be very focused on it.

Second, have a good relationship with what you want. An example is people who want success but are afraid of it at a subconscious level or have guilt attached to it. The negative thoughts attached makes it a tough sell to the universe because you will never be fully convinced on how much you deserve it.

Third, work hard to get it. Forth, trust your intuition and if something looks like an opportunity (even if it looks random and strange) grab it!



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