Energize your Social Media

Social Media cleanse

Energize your Social Media

 Having the right energy surrounding you nowadays includes taking care of your social media profiles and the community built around it.

For millennials, it might be a pretty obvious statement, but for the prior generations (ME) it is not and it actually took me a while to realize it.

Why is it important? Because we spend an incredible amount of time and energy online. It is the new way of expressing our thoughts, emotions, hopes, and epic fails. If we don’t have the right positive, loving community around us it can negatively taint the way we perceive the world. Even worse, it can lower our self-esteem hurting our ability to believe we deserve our manifest our dream life.

The follow-up question after I had the social energetic epiphany was, what do I need to clean and how do I go around doing it?

I looked at my biggest social platform, Instagram which has +30k followers and started asking myself a few basic questions

  • Is this an interacting community?
  • Is everyone engaging and interested in starting mindful conversations?
  •  What does it mean to me to have 30k people? Do I need the number for my ego or does the community really responds?

Turns out once I started looking closely a lot of the people “following” are not very interested in the content. How do I know this? I looked at the engagement rate. Per general standards is “normal”, but I don’t want normal, I want extraordinary. Not for ego purposes, but because it is a big indicator that we (community and I) are building something significant and powerful.

The third step was to start understanding who is not participating and I found a couple of reasons and taking action. In my case action translates as; if you are under bucket 1 or 2, I will delete you from the community.

  1. Some people are dropping IG or have not been active in over 90 days
  2. Some have weird statistics. example: if someone is following 5k people, they are not going to even see my content, so why bother?
  3. Some people just join to watch but do not engage. One example is my mom!!!! she joined just to follow her daughters and friends but does not even know how to write or post.

To start closing this post, sadly not everything is reiki, smudging, and praying sometimes it takes a lot of manual tedious work to clean any social media platform. Once you know that the community around you is actually interested in the message, supportive, and willing to interact the whole dynamic should change for the better. I figured I rather have 10k people that want to learn more than 30k for the sake of numbers. I just started this process but I can start feeling the energetic difference.

Good luck and let me know if it worked for you!



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