Energize your Holiday Celebrations

Xmas dog

Energize your Holiday Celebrations

Xmas dog

The holiday season is all about love, sharing, compassion, understanding, and generosity. Reiki is an amazing tool to potentiate all of those beautiful feelings and get rid before the year-end of all negativity in yourself and the environment.

Share with your loved ones and the ones you don’t love as much a little light by giving away more energy than usual. A few ideas of things that are easy, fast and effective

While you are cooking show & share your love, Reiki the food and drinks, not only to provide nutrition, thank the animals & veggies that you are consuming to increase the energy vibration but also add an additional layer of blessing and healing.  Kitchen magic tips, add some mint for an uplifting and energized party. Rosemary is a great generic strong magic herb that given the right intention can heal, potentiate, protect, and purify.

If you are having the party at home is a blessing all in itself. Some people hold the festivities to show off and mark their status or role in the community, but if you really do it with the intention of welcoming family and friends, closing the prior year and bless the upcoming one, being the host in this occasion it is the perfect chance to cleanse your house with energy, prayers, crystals, and herbs. Doing a conscious clearing of the corners of each room (the corners is where stagnant energy remains) with a broom will keep the shadows away and ensure a successful party. If you want to charge the house with energy for your loved ones to take home as goodie bags and give them an extra boost to start the year. Spray some mint hydrosol (essence and water), ask the angels to cleanse & energize, give away some blessed clear quartz and amethysts. An easy fast spell is “share the love”, just draw a heart with a positive intention of your choice and say an affirmation associated with the intention. You can use this spell directly on a person, food, goodie bag, gift, etc…

These are really simple ideas anyone can add to their hostess routine and rituals. It takes your mind out of the cleaning and tidying up and puts it on the people coming to visit you. It gives you the unique opportunity to think about each person that will cross the doors of your house. In the holiday season that is really the only thing, we should actually spend time on.

“Spending time and giving ourselves a few moments to consider why are our loved ones actually special and important to us. To make a wish on their behalf and provide them with a blessing for the next year” Life is simple, love is simple, don’t over complicate yourself. An intention, a small action goes farther than the most expensive gift.



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