Earthing, the most natural way of grounding

Earthing, the most natural way of grounding

Earthing, the most natural way of grounding. It is a concept built on the idea of “plugging into” the Earth’s natural charges in order to recharge and revitalize our body. The roots for this technique can be found in our ancestors’ lifestyle who roamed, thrived and existed on Earth by communicating with it constantly; even unknowingly, while walking barefoot or wearing animal hide shoes and harvesting barehanded. This communication with the Earth was our first, original ‘social network’ and it was all, literally, at our fingertips.

According to its pioneer, former electrical engineer Clint Ober, along with cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra and a group of MDs, it all comes down to the basics of our body and how fundamental components such as the cells and molecules are made up of positive, negative and neutral charges.The gentle balance of these charges is what makes your body healthy and functional.

Now, think of all these cells and molecules needing to be in harmony and in sync with one another constantly while composing your body; almost like how all military branches (i.e.  Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.) all have to be synchronized in order to be effective on a day-to-day basis, but especially during an attack.  We’d be in trouble if any of these branches is under active or over active. So, what if the “branches” in our body aren’t as balanced or as harmonious as they should be? Our defenses would be too low or too high.

On a daily basis, according to Ober and his team, our bodies carrying an excess of positive charge (free radicals) from exposure to electronics and radiation which never gets deposited outside our bodies due to lack of time outdoors, insulated shoes, and non-conductive flooring (i.e. carpeting, wood, glass, glazed surfaces). Though free radicals are to our benefit since they rid our bodies of bacteria and other immunological threats, an excess or buildup of these is harmful since they are constantly searching for electrons. Unable to readily find free electrons, free radicals start consuming electrons from our healthy cells and it may lead to stress oxidation and cause chronic inflammatory conditions such as fibromyalgia and symptoms such as nervousness, aches, sleeplessness, and agitation among other things. Treating these symptoms with a modified diet or by taking supplements may help, but sometimes that might not be enough.

When we experience earthing, our body is exchanging charges with the ground or Earth beneath us through our bare feet or hands. Our body is replacing its own positive current with the negative (free electrons) current from the earth. This influx of free electrons into our bodies leads to a lessening in inflammation, pain, fatigue, restlessness, PMS symptoms, cortisol(stress hormone) levels and an increase in healing, energy, and function ( based on studies conducted which in some cases included thermography images of the benefits).

The benefits of this concept were observed by Tour de France’s sports chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Spencer, who treated the Discovery/U.S. Postal cycling teams with earthing mats. Dr. Spencer stated: “I routinely recommend it to anyone I treat and counsel.”  Similar concepts have been expressed in various cultures. Chinese medicine, for example, teaches that the Earth’s energy (Qi) feeds our vitality through our feet’s acupuncture point “Kidney 1” when it comes into direct contact with the ground. Yoga and chakra practices also teach about the importance of grounding.

 Although there seems to be an endless list of benefits from it, earthing is not without its fair share of controversy or skeptics in the medical and scientific fields who state that no direct correlation has proven this concept to be true or to even make sense. It seems we’d all have to wait for more conclusive results or testing.

Whichever out stand is on this topic, I’m sure none of us would be against a 30-minute walk on the beach or a nice outdoor picnic. Barefoot, of course.

Love, Jennifer

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