Dealing with horrible days


Dealing with horrible days

Spoiler – venting frustration post

Crazy dayStaying at your parent’s house sucks! dude, no matter how nice you parents are, it freaking sucks! Even when it is for a short period of time. Once you live home you are not meant to return for more than a short visit. Let’s say dinner once a week or so.

Ok, you have a point, I could leave if I wanted to. It is not like I am being forced to be here for the next month and a half and I am actually going to be staying at a hotel for 10 days coming soon. So, I know, you are thinking I am a spoiled bitch!

You are probably right. I am using this beautiful post to vent, we all need to vent once in a while. We all have those days in which nothing comes out the way we plan it or even nothing comes out. All the frustrations just pile together and there are so many of those that you cant even make sense out of them.

How it started for me is probably like it starts for most people. The pressure points are the same for most of us.

A bad sleeping night, with a little lovely toddler waking you up 3 times because of several reasons which I understand and could make an entirely different post. But still, you wake up 3 times, sleep like crap, wake up like crap.

After waking up, later that you wanted, and in a bad mood, you realize you cant go to the gym and exercise. Exercise is key to keeping your mind and soul grounded and in decent shape. Without it, Mr. Hyde comes out sooner rather than later. you know it, I know it, everybody knows!

The next few hours kind of go as expected when taking care of a 3-year-old and you only break is giving her the Ipad to take a shower. a 10 min shower because the hot water does not last longer than that.

By them, lunch hour starts creeping on you and your sister comes “would you like to have lunch”, “sure”. she needs to be somewhere by 1:00 which works well for you because you want to make a live event in IG. So everything looks like it is going to work itself out. BUT…there is always a BUT, on the way out you see you mom and you go “We are going out, do you want to come? we are going out now”. she goes “sure”, and then the rest of the family jumps in. which means you end up going out by 1:00 and have to cancel your original plans for publishing by 1:00. It is ok, you just let people know you changed plans it will work well…

My mood is already screwed by the time we get to the restaurant…a couple of unfortunate comments, a waitress that takes a lifetime to help your table and Boom! the day almost ruined.

Still, I had hope, my mom and I take little Sophia to the mall to play at the arcade that has some toddler toys, to the park after that…and you hope…

Get back home, try to get baby to nap, which of course does not happen and does not allow you to do anything else but be with her. Have you noticed how between sweet kisses and love kids have the uncanny ability to stick like ticks?

A couple of hours pass and you start cooking a special meal for your sisters, it takes 3 hours, and when you go to get the stuff you let warming in the oven that is “off”, everything turns out to be burnt. YUKS!!! you blew effort, time, food…

Time to set dinner comes and you leave to try and do the IG live event you have publicly committed for the 3rd time, already grumpy and hoping it will come out decent…you start the post and suddenly a message says “paused for slow internet connection” and that is when you blow!!!! WTF! and say I’m done, I’m tired…I just want to go home

Of course, smaller things happened before and after that. All of which didn’t help. But the point is, it all starts with self-care.

When you abandon self-care basic items like sleep, exercise, meditation, yoga, me time…etc.. suddenly nothing goes the way they should and your life can be dominated by annoyance, rage, frustration and other low energy feelings. What you manifest when negative emotions dominate you, is negative. It is like “cause-effect”.

So, If you ever experienced a day like mine, that when you look back at it you realize nothing really terrible happened, but I felt horrible and acted even worse try to find which were your pressure points. Which is the root cause and make it better tomorrow.

This is my release to have a better night today, and get a headstart on tomorrow, which is yours?

ps. did you realize how it was not even about my parent’s house? It is always about us!

Much love,


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