Cooking with intention


Cooking with intention


Let’s infuse our cooking with some high vibrations! If you cook mindlessly you get mindless food, it does not matter if it is “all organic”, “farm to table” etc…if you do it without intention, without acknowledging the process then you just get food. Nothing special, I am certain it will be nutritious, but will it be at its best? No. Will it be a fulfilling, happy experience? Nop. Will it help you achieve your peak energy level? No again

We can treat food two ways, one as something that is there to be consumed and move forward or as an experience and act of magic that will help you balance your mind/body/spirit energy. There is a long-standing history between the Wiccan community and recognizing the kitchen as a temple within the house. Understanding that it is a place where magic happens. This special place should be treated with respect and love while being very conscious of the activities that happen within. It is not a coincidence that there are Wiccan cooking books, famous Kitchen witches and spells that call for a cauldron!! If we look at energy practices like Reiki one of its daily uses is infusing energy into the food. If we talk to any gardener they will tell you “talk to your plants, they will grow healthier and more nutritious”. In the Christians traditions, people thank the food they are going to receive before starting the meal. It boils down to being mindful, grateful and make it count as a daily increase your vibration activity.

When you start thinking about the process of cooking you’ll find it changes the cooking experience and it becomes a little “ritual” that you can share with family and friends. The steps are simple and for this post, I will borrow all my favorites from all over traditions. You know me, I have to modify everything merging, mixing, and sieving until I get my way of doing things.

Breaking it down to Steps: They are all suggestions and you can do one, all, or none.

  • Cleanse the energy and surfaces before beginning, fire up a candle, smudge the place, remember a little soap and water never hurt anyone.
  • Take a deep breath and think what you want to cook and why that particular recipe that day. Does it mean something? It is a special food, someone’s favorite? Do you have a special intention for that food? (for example, it is a soup to prevent getting sick, a romantic night..)
  • As you get your ingredients out, thank them! Be grateful for the opportunity of cooking with them and the abundance.
  • You can choose ingredients according to their magical properties (this a lot more work, but you can try with the herbs in your cupboard as a kick off)
  • Infuse with energy the food as you make it!
  • Most important of all make it with love. That is the best ingredient of all

Some tips are easier than others and some you probably already do without realizing. It is mostly about taking consciousness of what we are doing and being in the now.

Have the best sandwich of your life!!


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