Color Series: Sunny Yellow

Color Series: Sunny Yellow

Why write a color series?

“Colors are the smiles of nature” – Leigh hunt

As a fan of colors, I perceive them to be powerful tools of expression, balance, creativity, unity, state of mind, emotions, and growth. This lead me to start a Color Series of articles where we take a journey through the color spectrum. Each powerful color will be addressed by its influence, traits and how to daily incorporate it to our benefit. I’m sure that like me, you’ll find some nuggets of knowledge about each color and subsequently, about yourself.

The Color Series will start with a sunny disposition:


Does the thought of a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers like sunflowers, tulips or lilies make you smile? Maybe a fruit bowl full of lemons energizes you or maybe a fun yellow shirt makes you feel lighthearted. Maybe you don’t care for this color at all, but that might be a sign that you indeed need it. 

Yellow in Western cultures is psychologically considered the happiest color in the spectrum and the most visible. Often used in road signs, it stands for caution. In India it stands for the sacred, in Egypt it stands for royalty and in Japan, it stands for courage. Ironically, in Germany, it stands for cowardice. 
 In Feng Shui, applying yellow stimulates health, wisdom, and patience while symbolizing power. It is believed to help to attract money to your home or business.

Yellow Influences

Follow the yellow brick road

The use of yellow, though, should be reduced in stressful or transitioning moments since it’s high energy doesn’t favor this and may even increase anxiety. 
Influencing the left side of our brains, the color yellow stimulates deep thought, perception, creativity. It is not a surprise then that people who favor yellow tend to be in the communication and investigative fields. 
This cheerful color is usually equivalent to invigorating sunshine as it aligns with the Sun and Mars. Its sunny trait is seen in meditation practices when addressing the yellow solar plexus chakra- the 3rd chakra related to the fire element and the ego.
An insufficiency of this energetic hue may be reflected through isolation, insecurity, emotional aloofness, depression, cunningness, possessiveness, and insecurity. Excessive use, on the other hand, may contribute to workaholic tendencies, perfectionism, and stubbornness.

Traits of Yellow:

Leadership, clarity, busy, productivity, health, friendliness, joy, transformation, laughter, creativity, logic, communication, energy

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Yellow Healing Crystals: Yellow Fluorite, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Yellow Saphire, Amber

Essential Oils: Patchouli, Bergamot, Neroli 

Shine bright,


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