Coffee Break

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Coffee Break

Recently, on a fresh spring morning, I had the opportunity to leisurely spend an hour and a half at a cute, local, family-owned café. Yes, having a lovely panini with tea was a nice change of pace, but what ultimately brought me real nourishment was seeing the gift of service personified. 

Every customer was met with a genuine smile and, in many cases, a personalized cup of joe prior to them even requesting it; much to the customers’ joy. Smiles were the order of the day though; as evidenced in person and in the many proudly hung customer holiday cards and pictures. It spoke volumes to me. People were not only going in for the delicious food but for what could be called “soul food”.

It was clear to me that customers were feeding off the positive energy served by the business. The cafe owners are in their element and there’s a lot of magic that comes with that. Not everyone can serve a ‘simple’ cup of coffee and turn it into ‘an experience’, but they have managed to do that. How wonderful would it be if we all could be living or working in our element? 

The gift of service is truly a blessing, but knowing what *our* element is just as important as witnessing someone being in theirs. Maybe you have several elements; even better. Sometimes, our gifts take some time to unwrap, but start by asking: “What and who drives me?” 

Wherever your passion lies, many are out there unknowingly waiting for you to discover it. In the meantime, there’s a great café you could go to.



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