Cheers to lemons!

Water Lemon

Cheers to lemons!

Lemons are not only pretty faces!

Lemon Water

Fresh lemons not only brings with it the joyous scent of refreshing citrus and the bright, sunny colors associated with spring and summer, it also provides us with much needed daily nutrients. 

Most of us know that citrus fruits provide us with beneficial immune support through vitamin C, and lemons are no exception. Other components such as potassium, vitamins A, B1, B6, niacin,  and magnesium are also a great contribution by these yellow, ellipsoidal gems. 
Being able to be used and enjoyed in multiple ways, the lemon has become a go-to fruit for everything from cooking to cleaning to medicinal treatments. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of lemons by sipping on lemon water or tea throughout their day, a glass of lemon water when you wake up is a great way of helping your body hydrate and detox.  

17 Health benefits:

  1. Lemon diningAnti-inflammatory:  As a diuretic, it reduces joint and muscle pain caused by conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, and polyarthritis by flushing out toxins. Foot soaks that incorporate lemon juice are beneficial to relax muscle tension. 
  2. Hair & Scalp Care: It’s natural components help fight dandruff, hair loss and even lice (when mixed with almond or garlic paste). It is also a natural highlighter and helps promote shine (when mixed with olive oil). 
  3. Nail Care: When mixed with olive oil and applied, it helps strengthen nails all while also whitening and brightening any yellowing. 
  4. Weight Loss & Management: Lemon water is wonderful for curbing sugar cravings and its natural pectin helps us stay fuller longer. It is also known to stop fat storage.
  5. Gall and Kidney Stones: Lemon forms urinary citrate which helps deter crystal (stone) formation in our kidneys. When combined with olive oil, lemon juice/water helps dissolve gallstones.
  6. Stops Internal Bleeding: Coagulant and antiseptic properties found in lemons help stop things such as nosebleeds by placing a cotton ball covered in lemon juice inside your nose. The vitamin C found in lemons helps strengthen capillaries and improves collagen production (a protective lining). If experiencing frequent nosebleeds, ingesting 1,000 to 1,200 mg of vitamin C along with a bioflavonoid supplement of 500mg may be beneficial for prevention.
  7. Cholera and Malaria Relief: Lemon is a blood purifier and good at helping excrete toxins due to the antibacterial components. In a medical journal, it was documented that lemon juice proved lethal to cholera germ within five minutes of exposure.
  8. Asthma & Throat Infection Treatment: As an antiseptic, warm or hot lemon tea or water helps treat coughs and reduce Phlem by reducing and killing bacteria.
  9. Cancer-Fighter: A correlation has been shown between antioxidants and Cancer prevention. Lemons are packed with flavonoids, which are composites that contain antioxidants, making them a wonderful Cancer-fighter.
  10. Increased Iron Absorption: Ingesting lemons or any other vitamin-C- rich fruits with iron-rich foods such as spinach or chickpeas help iron absorption, thus helping correct anemia.
  11. Helps Digestion/Detox: Lemon water or tea is known to help flush out toxins by cleansing the stomach and also helps reduce nausea.
  12. Increases Exercise Performance: Full of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, lemon water is great at keeping hydrated, our muscles relaxed and our perspiration steady. Lemons also help to convert food into energy allowing for better performance. 
  13. Regulates High Blood Pressure: The potassium helps reduce high blood pressure by 10% by drinking it daily. In 2015, in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, it was documented that a citrus-based ingredient, Auraptene, reduced blood pressure in hypertense rodents.
  14. Reduces Fever: By increasing perspiration, fever is reduced. A good way to use lemon to break a fever is trying to make your own version of lemon socks or lemon foot wraps; especially in children, if you’d like a more natural way of treatment. It is suggested that if ingesting lemon, have it be with hot tea instead of juice, cold or room temperature lemon water since it may aggravate symptoms.
  15. Skin Repair: By incorporating lemon into your daily diet,   skin can glow due to increased collagen production. The great amount of antioxidants in lemon helps repair cellular damage by targeting free radicals that lead to blemishes, blackheads, and wrinkles. As a result of the daily increase in water and lemon intake, skin turns more supple and moisturized in just a few weeks. Lemon also helps lighten age spots and discolored elbows. Because of its antiseptic properties, it brings about relief from sunburns, bee stings, eczema, burning sensations, and scars.
  16. Dental Care: Not only have citrus scents been known to freshen breath, but lemon, in particular, has been documented to help greatly alleviate toothaches and help stop bleeding gums.
  17. Calms and Soothes: The citrusy scent is wonderful for aromatherapy since it has proven to reduce mental stress and depression. Essential oils are readily available in many stores. 
Like most foods, do be aware of excessive consumption. For example, lemons may lead to tooth enamel erosion due to its 2.2 pH level. It has been suggested to brush teeth prior to consuming lemon water/tea at breakfast or rinse throughout the day to prevent prolonged coating of teeth. But, if used in a balanced fashion, lemons have truly proven to be a great fruit to enjoy all year long. 
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