Charm for quality love


Charm for quality love

Some people seem to jump from one relationship to the next. They have no trouble finding dates, but the special person eludes them. If you are one of this sex god/goddesses that has a piece of its heart missing, try the creating the charm below!

Charm for quality love

This is a great one for people who have no problem attracting admirers but don't seem to develop deeper relationships. The coriander will help not only with the attraction but with protecting and balancing.

  • 13 units coriander seeds ((used for love, aphrodisiac and making peace with others))
  • 1 piece rose quartz
  • 1 ribbon red or pink
  • 1 candle White Candle ((optional, can be rose or red))

Prepare yourself

  1. Remember we are working with the energy in the environment, the materials, and your own. So to take the time to prepare everything and ground yourself is fundamental to success.

    If you are using a candle or adding some essences to make the ambience perfect, this is the time.

Let's begin

  1. Arrange the coriander seeds in a circle around the rose quartz.

  2. Visualize the feeling of being at peace and joyful with a partner (or friend) that loves you for who you are. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

  3. Now that you have the feeling, open your eyes and focusing on the rose quartz say:

    "I draw to me nothing less than healthy, balanced love"

    "For the good of all, it is done"

  4. Collect the sees on a clockwise motion starting from the southern side of the circle and place them in the bag one at a time. Finally, secure them with the ribbon

  5. Take the charm (pouch) with you when you feel like giving it a try, in particular, if going out. No need to waste any opportunities, just leave it in your handbag!!!

If you want to know more:

  • Rose quartz: brings a positive vibration for relationship building.
  • Coriander is best used in matters relating to love and protection. It can be added to sachets, charms, or spells. Sometimes burned to enhance love and passion.
  • From the protective perspective, if a person is not good for you with this spell they won’t even register in your world. Which I think is awesome, something less to worry about.
  • For the bag, I always recommend natural fibers. When working with energy we are also working with the Universe and nature, less try to be as mindful as we can in the little things.
  • The details will make a difference.

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