Blogs, Real Life & Self-Worth


Blogs, Real Life & Self-Worth

Last Wednesday I was listening to a podcast built on the premise that lifestyle bloggers only post happy picture perfect moments to be able to get sponsors. Hence, only bloggers that didn’t need to take a paycheck home posted real [email protected] There is truth in that working hypothesis, but my question is different. As the audience, how do we perceive professional strawberries and cream posts? Why do we consume them?how do they affect our self-worth?

On one hand, I imagine these posts are inspiring to some of us, they have enough happiness and “perfection” to push us to make a significant change to our lifestyle. As long as they know those posts are mostly staged and faked, I’m fine with that. You can find motivation in the weirdest, darkest & brightest places, all good. Whatever serves us.

On the other hand, there is an audience that gets confused and really believes a few lucky individuals shit rainbows and have it all figured it out. They spend their perfect life being vegan, traveling the world on eternal vacation, while wearing Luis Vuitton shoes in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. Which of course is not true! Sometimes, we all need to be reminded, those postings are their Job. Their job is to make life pretty, even when they feel crappy.

Now, back to my concern, how do these people feel about themselves & their lives once they start comparing? Can they love and respect their current situation? How can they be helped to understand that not everything that shines is gold?

Do they impact your life?

The first step is to identify if this is happening to you. Are you measuring your life vs surrealistic fabulous jet-setter style? Second, make a list of the things you like about your life, I bet there is a lot more than what you realize. Be thankful for them! Expect to be surprised. Lastly, make a bucket list of intentions of things you would like to manifest or change, be realistic about it. (You’ll never be 20 years old again or if you are 17, the only way to be 25 is to wait) . You will see this list is shorter than you think and once you read it, you are setting the intention to make it happen, hence you are throwing it out there for the universe to help. Which is the first step to manifesting.

Overall, I hope you get to a place of acceptance without defeat where you realize your very real life is worthy of a post! Send me you #lifeperfect story



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