Beauty Spell on Full Moon

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Beauty Spell on Full Moon

We are all beautiful in our unique way, but thanks to advertising, magazine, Instagram..etc we can use a confidence booster now and again. This spell won’t give you a free plastic surgery, it is not the intention. It will help you appreciate yourself. Looking at yourself and recognizing your own beauty under a full moon it is a very powerful tool. It also provides and opportunity for self-care and love.

Beauty Spell on Full Moon

Beauty is about perception., even the most "beautiful' (whatever that means) person, needs a confidence booster here and there. This spell will not change your nose size but will help you feel fantastic.

Candles (you can choose one, more or a mixed color)

  • 1 Candle Red votive (For sexual attractiveness)
  • 1 Candle Orange votive (For general attractiveness and being nice)
  • 1 Candle Silver votive (to be at the center of attention and have charisma)

Essences and Oils

  • 10 Drops Rose essential oil
  • 10 Drops Patchouli essential oil ( For diffuser or Incense sticks)

Before we start

  1. Remember to do it on full moon night!!

  2. Find a place where you won't be interrupted for the length of the spell casting and create a harmonious environment around you. Surround yourself with perfumes, plants, charms, and even music.

    Lay out all the materials you are going to need for this spell.

  3. Once the place is set up, start relaxing, and grounding yourself. Try to find your inner peace and ask your monkey mind to give you a break by focusing on your intention.

Start Casting the Spell

  1. Light the incense and the three candles, undress, and grease the parts of your body that you wish to "modify" with rose oil.

  2. Repeat the following words, with the mirror stretch over your head.

    “Holy full Moon that you reflect in this mirror

    Let your light beam illuminate my beauty

    Wrapping it in sweet splendor.”

  3. Lower the mirror and look at it, visualize how you would like to be and how you would like others to see you repeating the following:

    “Like a flower in its light

    Don’t let my beauty ever fade.”

  4. Now place yourself in front of the reflection of the mirror that brings the moonlight in place.

    Show the part of your body you wish to improve, so that you see the full Moon in the mirror.

  5. Close the spell out by wrapping the mirror in a dark cloth and keep it in a safe place.

A few final comments:

  1. Doing it outside is easier than inside given the need to reflect the moonlight. But any window will do, so don’t be discouraged.
  2. If the mirror is broken, the spell will also be broken.

When working with candles please be aware of the fire risks and be very mindful of the setup. Don’t leave candles burning without attention.

Enjoy not only the results of the spell but also the process. I find it brings me peace and a sense of wellness and self-caring.



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