Back to work- new journey

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Back to work- new journey


It has been a long time since the last post and since I officially worked at a company. So I’m getting back to both right now.

For some reason working inspires me, It is part of my holistic lifestyle, I can’t just enjoy going to gym, writing, cleaning 😩, cooking…and all the things that you do when not going to a company on a daily basis. I am complicated and [email protected] up that way!!! I envy the girls and boys that really know how to fill 100% purposeful that way. It is just not me.

Therefore, here we are, waiting at the train station for the 8:07 train that takes me to work and writing. Perfect for me!!!

At some point, we are all fed up with the office, the corporate, the politics..etc, and wish we could stay at home. We imagine we will do all these great amazing things that will change the world. What we don’t realize is that it comes a time when we get tired of this as well…lol. I am convinced is human nature, we need change, we can’t and should not resign or conform. We learn from all those experiences and figure out which the next step is. I learned a couple of things:

1- cycles are meant to end and it is not a failure, it is just time for something new.

2- what type of job and company I wanted next, not just job hunting for the sake of it.

3- staying at home is not as fancy or illuminating as some people advertise!!!!

The perfect combo I think is to be able to take some sort of sabbatical every couple of years. I know! You will tell me I’m ridiculous, no one can take months/year off here and there. And, you are probably right, it is just a dream, my utopian perfection in balance.

So rounding back to the begging, here we go again… working, inspired, and ready to inspire you again.



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