Back to basics (b2b)

Back to basics

Back to basics (b2b)

Back to basics

We spend an incredible amount of time trying to “improve ourselves”, “increase our knowledge”, “do, be better” while sometimes what we need to do is go back to basics.

I am a prime example of studying and developing and forgetting what really matters. I laugh at myself more than once when I realize I am so concentrated in learning that I am dismissing what I already know and not really enjoying the process anymore.

The above probably sounds super generic and it applies to anything in life, but in my case, I am referring to the “mindful practices”, I have studied so much that now I am doubting a lot of what I know, where it comes from and how it really helps. How did I get here? I studied more than I practiced over the past few weeks and eventually go disappointed and stopped studying as well, and here we are in ground zero. No practice, no study.

So…how do I get back to re-discovering my practices? On one hand, I think I need a few news crystals and to smudge my house. On the other, I need to start going back to a few of my simple old self routines. They were basic and short, but I enjoyed them fully.

  • 20 mins of yoga before going to bed
  • Guided meditation in bed before sleep a couple of times a week
  • Energy therapies when waking up/going to sleep
  • Practicing thankfulness
  • Calling on my Spirit guide council regularly
  • Journaling

I realize that part of why I abandoned these practices is because I am currently in a “good place”, the better I feel the less I do them. And that is the opposite of what I should be doing, the only way of remaining in a state of well being is practicing. So why do I do this to myself?  I am just a silly inconsistent human being. I am not the only one in the “silly” club, there are plenty like me out there. The point is to recognize these times and get back on track!

There is no such thing as perfect regularity, performance…even habits like brushing your teeth, meaning they are 100% ingrained in your daily life can be skipped off a day or two. Therefore, there is no point in feeling guilty and punish ourselves for these things, as long as we come back on time to avoid the downward spiral that is sure to come when we abandon a good habit. It is a lot harder to reach a mental/spiritual/physical healthy state than to maintain it.



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