Voting, an impossible situation #ArgentinaPASO2019

Paso 2019

Voting, an impossible situation #ArgentinaPASO2019

Paso 2019

I am not a political commentator, I am not a specialized analyst or have the strongest view when it comes to political parties. I am a truly independent thinker and voter. I express my opinion on the current situations without party lines and the way I see them from whatever my twisted view of the world it is.

Last night in Argentina the primary voting for President, legislators, and provincial governors took place. I was a sideline spectator that was hoping the people would make the best of the horrible candidates they had for each role. By the end of the process, I was a little bit disappointed but I can’t say I was surprised.

Let me take a step back and explain to anyone who is not Argentinian what the PASO (aka primaries) are. In most countries when you have primary elections, each party (democrat, labor, republican…etc.) in different days holds a voting event in which their followers choose the presidential candidate they want to spear the party efforts and defeat the opposing party. (example, there are 4 Democratic candidates, democratic followers go and vote which one of those 4 they want a presidential candidate to face the Republican candidate) clear????

In the Argentinian version, the national government holds a mandatory to attend “voting” that includes all candidates of all parties together, and EVERYONE over 18 years old (and under 72 years old, If I remember correctly) have to vote for whoever they want. Is it confusing? does it sound like a normal election? YES! At the end of the day, it is the best polling system in the world. The results are some sort of pre-election results, therefore the parties and the candidates know exactly where they stand 6 months before the election happens without having to invest a dollar because it is government-funded. 

Back to last night, let me introduce the candidates. First, he has the current president Mauricio Macri and his crew, who I might say didn’t have a stellar performance over this past 4 years, pretty disastrous to be honest. (except in my humble opinion for the Province of Buenos Aires governor @mariuvidal) The other one was Alberto Fernandez the ex-chief of the cabinet of the former president Christina Fernandez and Christina Fernandez herself.  This second partnership…I can’t even start to explain how dangerous it is. Christina F. and her friends (including Alberto Fernandez) were voted out of the government in 2017 basically because the people perceived the levels of corruption, the violence they generated between the citizens with their discourse, impunity, and diverse criminal actions during her tenure as unacceptable. The Argentinian people believed their negative influence and actions were undeniable and unsustainable, hence the rise of Mauricio Macri. I want to clarify they are innocent until the law proves them guilty…therefore I am just pointing out the perception among some voters only.

I know it was choosing between bad and worse, a potential inept vs a suspected crook….mhmm..what to do…let me think. The first thing is to try and look around for other candidates, after all, there are 40 million people in Argentina. Sadly the other smaller parties are not really an option because they don’t have enough political power behind them to govern a big messy country like Argentina. Back where we started, with 2 outstandingly bad options, we move to the voting stations. On the way to your designated voting place you hear people greeting each other “remember to vote smart!” and I ask myself, “what does that even mean?” Of course, the significance of the phrase will change according to each person’s life circumstances, we all think that we vote “SMART” even when we are not happy with the vote. No one wakes up on voting day saying “how am I going to ruin the country today?, Ill make an effort to choose what will make most people miserable”. I want to believe we wake up and vote what in our mind & heart think is the best or at least “less harmful” option for the country.

After we voted, had lunch, sneaked a bottle of wine (although it is forbidden to drink on voting day), had a nap and so on…voting centers close at 18:00 and we start the waiting game hearing for hours all the political bullshit analyst with their not very good predictions, based on pretty bad and inaccurate polls give their low-value opinions. Hours go by and at 22:30 BOOM!!! results are finally out (at this point I am bored and reading a reverse harem Sci-fi book) and my mom comes to fetch me to hear the news!

Alberto Fernandez got 47% of this fake voting ballot and I am wondering “why did I put down my sexy book for this?”

Love and light to all

PS: The dollar went up (more devaluation), bonds are down by 15% and stock is down almost up to 56%, aka markets not happy, the economy not happy.


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