Aren’t you bored of always hearing other people voices?

Aren’t you bored of always hearing other people voices?



Have you ever wished you could speak your mind but didn’t find the perfect place? Often times, we need to talk or write with a pen name, anonymously or with our own name but in a place that resonates with our ideas. Other times, we need to let something out in a space that goes against that idea just for the fun. Sometimes, we are struggling to decide if we want to tell our story in a media that people that resonate with those ideas can reach or we want out family and friends to see us be brave and publish. Bottom line, we all have very personal and different motives that bring us to writing.

Holistik Club  welcomes all situations, people, and ideas. We all started sharing somewhere and find out that is was medicinal and one of the biggest contributions to our wellbeing. Writing is one of the most recommended self-care tools. It clears your mind and soul while being freestyled. Meaning you can do it any way you want. Poetry, journaling, researched article, short story…etc. To keep our thoughts to ourselves is a rough path, to swallow our feelings turns into physical discomfort and emotional chaos.

We are here to offer an online platform in which can come out. As long as the message or story is true to you, we are on board. None of us are isolated islands in the middle of the ocean. We are social beings meant to find our tribe and express our lifestyle and ideas. If you have something to say, believe me, there is someone out there that needs to hear it.

Every so often, we (humans) think we are the ONLY ones going through a specific experience and no one will be able to understand, relate or even be interested. This is a lie that we tell ourselves at our darkest times or when our ego wants to be naughtily telling us how unique and special we are.


your story might be life changing to somebody else

Writing becomes addictive, even if I am the only one that reads my own posts, I can’t stop. The liberating feeling of journaling or learning something new and putting it down on paper is exhilarating. I wont lie, when I see that someone actually read my post it is exciting! The readers remain in the dark, but I would give more than one cent for their thoughts. Was it interesting? Did it provoke a reaction? Please please tell me what you think!!!

To wrap this up, I can’t tell you enough how gratifying freedom of speech is, you need to give it a try and experience it yourself. It can take any shape, any length any number of words. If you feel like you would like to publish something send it to [email protected]  and together we will check it out.



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