Are weekends overrated?

Are weekends overrated?

Are weekends overrate and over-appreciated? What makes our week so complicated that the sometimes we only go through it to get to the weekend? Shouldn’t it be just a couple of days within our week?

All these questions come to me on Monday morning not because I had a terrible weekend but because I wish to have a wonderful week. Saturday and Sunday are just 2 more days. Actually, Sundays after 4:00 pm are known to cause “Sunday blues” in a huge portion of the population in developed countries.

Sunday blues

Sunday blues, can boost anxiety, depression, and even induce panic in addition to feeling demotivated & lethargic. Put it together with a negative effect on our sleep patterns and we find an unbeatable combo to a have poor start on Monday that can be dragged even through Wednesday. Hence, the happiness of Thursday’s “weekend is getting closer”

Who is the culprit for the Sunday reaction? Our brain!!! It always starts there. The same part of the brain that warns us about imminent danger also makes us wary of Monday mornings. Why? Because we start projecting how boring and stressful work is going to be, we start imagining everything that will go wrong, we picture all the negative interactions we will have with a bad boss or horrible co-workers.

The key word here is PROJECTING, if we were able to stay in the present we would avoid all negativity and enjoy the “freedom” of Sunday. We are in pain for a future that might not even occur. How crazy is that?

What can we do?

For starters, there are 2 strategies we can follow to help ourselves get out of the Sunday Blues and even avoid them forever. First, change the negative thoughts to positive by remembering all the good things that can happen on Monday. After all, life has proven that the week might not play out to be as terrifying as we pictured it. How many times were you afraid of failing at an upcoming meeting which ended with a solid success? Or don’t you love that first-morning coffee with a friend?

Second, bring forward the mindful practices that have the ability to keep us grounded in the present. For example, meditation, yoga, breathing, a cleansing bath, grounding and any other you can think of.

Once we are able to stop the negative cycle of Sunday night, we start a more energized week which will lead to an overall better week experience making the “day” of the week slightly more irrelevant. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…Saturday.. who cares?

We are thriving to make each day extraordinary in its own way. Days are not coming back, once they passed, they are gone for good. I know my choice is to try my hardest to enjoy all of them. I had great weeks and crappy weekends and vice-versa. But I also had great weeks with great weekends and those are the ones I want to get more of.

I hope you have amazing 7 days! And please let me know if you tried any techniques to scape the blues down spiral and how it changed your week.



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