April’s Pink Moon-Sip and Release

Pink Moon

April’s Pink Moon-Sip and Release

The Pink Moon

April Pink MoonNamed for the bright pink flowers (phlox) blooming in early spring, it is April’s full moon and it will be the most potent and magical of the year. It is referred to by other multiple names such as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon and Fish Moon due to representing the start of green sprouting grass, bird egg-laying season and abundance of fish; respectively. 

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this full moon will rise 20 minutes before sunset on Sunday, April 29th. Though full moons, in general, are known to help draw out and clear up things that need to be released, this moon is particularly powerful.
Landing on the sign of Scorpio this year brings with it transformative properties that encompass rebirth, death, and unconditional love. This energy will help us peel back layers within ourselves exposing new insights, feelings, and thoughts which will lead to an increased sensitivity. 

 Side effectS

We may feel the need to protect our own energy and retreat from the outside world as we are given the opportunity to feel our true essence and discover who we truly are and what our calling or purpose on Earth is. 
Exposing our true power will allow us to release, clear and remove all blocks while requiring us to surrender and accept all things that make us uncomfortable. Any facts, anxieties, and fears are to be “Let Go” now allowing new awareness to be reached along with a transformation in its highest form through unconditional love towards ourselves.
Since so much beauty lies just beneath the surface, we are encouraged to stop waiting for enlightenment and actively seek to transform and grow.

Ways to harness this energy 

There are various ways between the 29th and 30th of April, to take in this fantastic energy.
  • Chord-cutting: is a wonderful way to release things/emotions that no longer serve us.
  • Mantras; are excellent for “rewiring” ourselves as well. Finding a fresh, new mantra that speaks to us is a great option for “on-the-go” moments when we’re trying to fit in everything without missing out on this transformative energy. A mantra can be said and repeated out loud or mentally while doing house chores, driving, waiting at a doctor’s office, etc. or as simple as printing it out and having it on your dashboard, laptop, treadmill, wallet etc. as a quick and accessible visual cue.
  • Baths or foot soaks are always good for cleansing, relaxing  & grounding. Especially if you incorporate lavender or pink flowers that help make it the essence of this Pink Moon.
  • Crystals are a great source for balancing; plus, it will be an excellent time to cleanse your crystals/stones.
  • Very popular, of course, is meditating.

Add a little “something” to make this weekend special

In the morning or throughout the day, while drinking your coffee or tea, bless your drink by charging it with positive affirmations before and during your consumption. The magic of this is that it involves all important elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Earth is represented in the leaves, grounds, roots, seeds, and flowers used. Water is used to infuse the tea while heat represents fire. Lastly, air is represented in the steam and smells of the drink. 

 Taking it a step further, we could create our own ‘Full Moon Tea’ inspired by the Pink Moon by prepping hibiscus tea or incorporating rose petals. All the while, we need to make sure we are expressing self-love and envisioning what new beginnings we’d like to materialize. Always reminding ourselves though, that every day is the possibility for a new start.


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